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Iceland Day 1- Nicosia Rainey-Ray age 11

Reykjavik, Iceland

Day one Reykjavík Iceland.

When I was walking through the town I noticed that there was no African-Americans. Since I live in Boston I'm used to a lot of African-Americans,
but all I see is a lot of the white people. In the town that we are staying in, it smells, really bad. And Water smells bad to.
My mom and tells me it is because of a volcanic mineral called sulfur. So basically, I'm drinking water with sulfur in it.
At first I thought my mom said Silver, and then I was like oh my God, I'm drinking silver! But then she kept pronouncing it she kept saying sulfur, then I was like,
oh, wow. But for some reason, sulfur tasted gross, and awful. It was in my water to, I like the water back home, it was so, not sulfury, I guess?
Also, while I was walking around in the town I noticed that almost every single boy had the same haircut, short and bowl like. It was very strange, a lot of people
in Massachusetts all have different haircuts like, spiky haircuts, buzz cuts, brades, long and loose, afros, or mine, wavy and short.
But all the adults have different hairdos.
While my family was walking down town and we were hungry we thought.. some hotdogs. The hotdogs there were very skinny and there was like a plastic bag covering over it.
The hotdogs taste awful too, it tasted like there was honey on it, which I thought is very nasty. We are going to be trying lots of wierd food today, so I'm expecting
a bad taste in my mouth, and maybe even some good ones.

permalink written by  nicoandkara on June 29, 2009 from Reykjavik, Iceland
from the travel blog: Around the world in 80 days
tagged Food, Sulfur, Iceland and HotDog

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