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Crocodile Island

Panay, Philippines

There was a time when I visited Panay in the Philippines where I discovered Crocodile Island. From afar you can see that the Island is shaped like a crocodile (or alligator, but it doesn't matter). It was hours away from the main island, and it was a very beautiful place.

Upon arrival, I glanced at the crystal clear waters that rocked the boat gently. The sand was white, and consisted of tiny shell particles. Lots of trees also existed, and there were different kinds of plants as well. We walked inside the island, and I was surprised to find a nice swimming pool with cozy outdoor sofas. There were also great seafood and fruit drinks. The Island itself was a club with great beaches. The people were very hospitable and nice. I spent the rest of the afternoon swimming, eating and sleeping. It was a very refreshing place.

Crocodile Island is one of the simplest but most relaxing places I've ever been too.

permalink written by  On Foot on February 22, 2007 from Panay, Philippines
from the travel blog: On Foot
tagged Diving, Beach, Islands, Panay and Boracay

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Starting my blog

Houston, United States

Well, this is my first (of hopefully many) entries. I will be going back and posting about previous trips, Island visits, cruises, etc. I look forward to reading your feedback and answering any questions about the caribbean that I can.

permalink written by  islandhopper11 on May 10, 2012 from Houston, United States
from the travel blog: The Caribbean Life
tagged Caribbean and Islands

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