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My Vietnamese friend

Hanoi, Vietnam

He is Mr.Kien who is now owner of two famous Restaurants, Kiti Restaurant and Trong khach Restaurant, in Hanoi, Vietnam. We met together in Germany when both of us are student. My friend is very active, he both went to school and worked out of school time. He worked so many career. fistly, be a waiter, then he was a employee in clothes company... After 7 years, he come back his country, I lost contact with him. But I have been Vietnam in a travel trip, I met him again. It's very nice! And I was so surprised at his Kiti restaurant which is a famous restaurant in Old Streer not far from Hoan Kiem lake.
The restaurant located in a nice place in famous Old Street in Hanoi. I like foods, service style and atmosphere of the restaurant. It's exciting that there're so many foods of many areas on the world concentrated on here. Mr.Kien makes me more admirated when he said he was owning 2 restaurants in Old Street. I talked to him for an hour, I see he is a good manager with many feasible creative ideas.
I have some business plans in Vietnam next time. It's lucky I met my good friend, It's easier in business when I coorperate to him.

permalink written by  blackspide on July 13, 2010 from Hanoi, Vietnam
from the travel blog: Vietnam
tagged Vietnam, Restaurant, Friend, Kiti and Kien

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The Old Quarter Street - Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam

It was a bad day, I wandered on The Quarter Old Street and Hoan Kiem Lake all afternoon. On the late afternoon, I wanted to find a quite place for my dinner but I changed my idea when seeing Kiti Restaurant on Hang Hom street. There was a buffet party in the restaurant, and so many people joined, they were funny to talk together. I wanted to join it because I thought I should have change my bad feeling. I came in and joined the party but I didn't talk to anyone, I only listened to their talking and I felt more funny. I called one big beer, after two beer, both drunk and saw everyone telling together. There was a waiter coming me and asked what I needed and she invited me try some dishes in the buffet party. At the time, I was hungry and I wanted to try some dishes although I didn't have mood to eat.
The girl catched talk to me, she both asked how I felt the dishes and told me about mean of dishes. I felt more funny and felt dishes delicious. Then I ate quite much. After the buffet party in Kiti, I came back home with good mood.
It was surprised that I had only to pay 200,000 VND for my pax. It was so cheap with so many dishes.
Wandering on The Old Quarter Street and enjoining the party in Kiti Restaurant helped me come back. I felt well and smiled with everybody, everything was easier to me. So more and more I love Hanoi and The Old Quarter Street where I am living near.

permalink written by  doublering on November 15, 2010 from Hanoi, Vietnam
from the travel blog: The Old Quarter Street - Hanoi
tagged Street, The, Vietnam, Restaurant, Hanoi, Quarter, Old and Kiti

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