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Held up in Kota Kinabulu

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

After the jungle, back to urban life in Kota Kinabulu which is the principle city in Malaysian Borneo. En route, we drove past the famous Mount Kinabulu without actually stopping to make the popular [and slightly expensive] ascent to the summit. Instead, we had a good look as it sat above the clouds, thinking how beautiful it must be up there! We arrived in the city and spent a few days trying to avoid the intense heat that filled the streets and food markets, fortunately the lodge has air conditioning! Eventually we made it both to some small islands off the coast and the impressive philipino fish market. We relaxed on the islands and on our return filled ourselves with wonderful cheap food in the market! Delicious! [...and cheap!]

Apres la jungle, nous voici a Kota Kinabalu la capitale de Sabah. En chemin, nous avons apercu le fameux mont Kinabalu dont le sommet est au dessus des nuages. Son ascension est une des choses a faire ici, mais a cause de son prix (il faut un guide, une assurance etc...) et d'une legere flemme nous nous sommes contentes d'imaginer a quel point cela devait etre magnifique de la haut! A part la visite de quelques iles sur la cote, nous avons decide de rester quelques jours a KK (KK tout le monde dit ca ici). Pas grand chose a faire a par profiter du marche de nuit et ses fantastique barbecues philippins! Des crevettes fraiches enormes, poisssons, calamars et tant d'autres... delicieux!

We thought that the Chinese New Year might bring some events or festivities to enjoy but it was actually really quiet. Unlike in the west, the Chinese spend the occasion at home with the family having a traditional dinner. Apart from seeing lots of promotional tigers and the familiar lion dance around town you really wouldn't know it was New Year. On the same note, there is not actually that much to do in Kota Kinabulu itself, however due to Borneo being a little more expensive than we imagined [or were told] we have decided to stay a few extra days and limit the day-to-day damage. We have good food, a good place to stay and things to catch up on before heading south to our next stop, Brunei.

Ici, c'est la periode du nouvel an chinois et vu qu'il y a beaucoup de chinois a KK, nous pensions profiter des festivites. Et bien pas vraiment, c'etait plutot calme car les chinois celebrent le nouvel an a la maison en famille. Donc a part quelques feux d'artifices et danses du lion, RAS! Les magasins sont fermes durant plusieurs jours. Mais cela tombe plutot bien car nous avons decide de rester quelques jours sur place pour rattraper les ecarts sur notre budget avant d'aller a Brunei!

permalink written by  Lenameets50 on February 16, 2010 from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
from the travel blog: Indonesia & Malaysia et al 2010
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