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Wisconsin, Xmas and a lot of snow!

New Auburn, United States

Here I am again, from the middle of nowhere!

I've never imagined being here, Wisconsin, near the famous Jack Dawson's Chippewa Falls! And guess what? I am loving every second of it.

We arrived at the cabin on Xmas eve, and I'm still here. The cabin is just awesome (it's very humble to call it a cabin...), wooden construction, a big lake, frozen of course, with otters, deer and a lot of stuffed animals (I am learning to live with them).

And they have snowmobiles! I've learned how to ride them, and they are awesome! I almost crashed a few times, but I am alive and I want to do it again sometime (cause now the snow is melting, and is dangerous to ride them). On the New Years Eve the house was full, and we went to a nice ride, stopping in every bar we found on the way. It was the best... I kept thinking that I came all the way from Brazil to here, and I am really seeing how people from Wisconsin lives... not tourism, real stuff. People had been really nice to me here, I guess they don't see a lot of Brazilians all the time... and they don't know how I like snow so much!

I am very happy, very very happy. And very relaxed too, because usually we have nothing to do here, but go on the hot tub, and watching TV... with the couches they have here, it's also an experience! Well, talking about the tub, have you ever got out of a hot bath, rolled on the snow for 14 seconds and got back??? Well, I did, and it was very stupid but unforgettable. =D

Today the weather is shitty. We had planned to leave today, heading to Green Bay... but we've been so lazy that we decided to do this tomorrow (this time for sure). Maybe today we're going shopping... the peanut butter is over, and I just loved to try peanut butter and jelly sandwich! (Well, I got some extra weight here...)

permalink written by  me on January 6, 2008 from New Auburn, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged USA, NewAuburn, Wisconsin, ChippewaFalls and Relax

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