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Nice? Not so Nice!

Nice, France


-Rain in Cannes, hail in Antibes, bad accommodation for us in the wrong location (a hostel with 20 year old Aussies that Jane had thought was a 15 minute bus ride from the train station not a HUGE walk up hill, a shuttle from the hostel and THEN a 15 minute bus ride!), Picasso museum hasn't been open for 3.5 years (thanks guide books), Kristian got a cold etc etc. Great weather for one day to see Monaco but for various reasons only ended up with 2 hours there! ARGH!

BUT - met some nice people, including the Aussie chef at the hostel. It was good to see how the other half live in Monaco and Cannes but overall not so much our sort of place.

Oh well, off to Italy!

permalink written by  JaneandKristian on September 29, 2007 from Nice, France
from the travel blog: Jane and Kristian's honeymoon
tagged Nice

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indonesia i love

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia negeriku tercinta

permalink written by  inoid on January 15, 2011 from Jakarta, Indonesia
from the travel blog: keliling Indonesia
tagged Nice, Indonesia and Great

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Thoughts in a train stations

Pisa, Italy

I'm sitting Ina train station eight now. It's been about 40minutes already and I have about another 50 to go. I'm in that limbo phase between Nice, France and Pisa, Italy. When this happens to me I end up just sitting and writing down things I want to do in life and the biggest question on my mind is, ami going to travel indefinitely after my great 8month excursion or do I want to come back and settle in one of these places ive been? I keep telling myself I can do both and I think the problem I'm having is the fact I feel like a tourist at the moment. I'm more of a traveler i you know what I mean. THIS IS LIFE but i want to slow it way way way down, live in Spain for a few months, learn Spanish, go to Nice, get a job on a yacht in Monaco, then vacation in Greece a while then when the winter months come around I could go snowboarding in the alps. Then after all that western Europe excitement I could check out some eastern Europe countries or check out some attractive people in Scotland. Hahaha, I hear theyre good looking there ;)
Like I said, I'm in travel limbo and I'm Linda missing Nice, France already. It definitely wasn't time to leave. I guess that's what happens when youve precooked your outbound ticket.
Hmmm, yeah.
Since I've already been on the road going on week 4 now, spent some good time in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice and now Pisa, I've already noticed some big culture differences.

permalink written by  chickenvillage223 on May 27, 2011 from Pisa, Italy
from the travel blog: Around the world in 8months.
tagged London, Nice, Madrid, Barcelona and Pisa

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