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Philip Island

Melbourne, Australia

Got the hire car and took a trip to Philip Island to go and see the Penguin Parade. As we were looking for the information centre to get our tickets we got a flat tyre in the first four hours just as we pulled up to the Chocolate Factory. We are now glad that we got the man from the RACV out as the wheel had in his words ‘rusted on’ and took the use of sledgehammers and long iron bars to prize loose.

Eventually got to the information desk to get our tickets for the Penguin Parade and as we had time we headed over to Nobbies Rocks to see if we could see any seals and Sally saw one through a telescope, but no-one else did. Later as dusk came we headed over to the Penguin Parade location to watch the little penguins come in out of the sea and make a quick dash across the beach to their holes in the ground. Alas we were not allowed to take photos as they wardens didn't want us to scare the little penguins as they scurried across the beach.

permalink written by  The Wilde Family on March 31, 2009 from Melbourne, Australia
from the travel blog: Australia - The Return
tagged Penguins and Nobbies

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