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Swedish Sauna

Are, Sweden

There are many ways in the world to get massages, slapped, naked, bathed, cooked and cooled. I've sampled a few around the world (see www.talestogo.com), and I tip my hat to the Swedes for their exclusivity. They deserve their reputation for having great saunas. What style!
For two days, I was in a swimmer's paradise. I swam along beautiful pathways, and when I wanted to, I pushed buttons along the way that started water jets to massage me or push me along. I could select a hot tub to sit and relax in, or swim through plastic curtains to the outside, and swim in the cold. It was incredible.I was in a heavenly stupor.
After two days, I finally noticed another area completely. I had missed the best part!
When I entered the heart of the sauna, I saw all sorts of contraptions designed to cook and cool me both wet and dry. The Swedes have cornered the market on this sort of total body assault. I was a little shy about some of the devices, but eventually sampled them all.
There was a human wine cooler that I was afraid to get in until the second day. I watched people dunk themselves very quickly, and survive, so I decided to give it a try. I went in up to my chin, and jumped out as quickly as I could. I noticed that afterwards, I could get in the cold swimming pool without hyperventilating. It turned me into Supergirl!
The diplomatic Swedes separate the dressing areas into men's, women's, and mixed, but they haven't quite figured it out, because they are managed by both male and female staff. So they are not technically separated.....
Except for the moments I was tortured by the cold rooms, cold showers, cold foot walk-abouts, and human wine cooler, I was in heaven. Thank you, Sweden!

permalink written by  Heather Bryce on October 23, 2007 from Are, Sweden
from the travel blog: Sweden First Class
tagged Sauna, Pools and Spa

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