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Visit to Sevilla

Sevilla, Spain

From Sunday until mid-tuesday we were in Sevilla, and were able to visit some pretty incredible things. First off we visited a cathedral constructed in the 10th century on top of a moorish mosque after the Spanish reconquered the city. The cathedral is the 3rd largest in all Europe, and was pretty spectacular. It features some stunning works of art from painters of that period, and a massive pipe organ that was unlike anything I'd ever seen. It also features a 34 Story Tower called the Giralada, built wide enough for the moors to ride a horse up it. The Tower is the only thing that the Spanish kept from the old mosque.

Then we visited a flamenco show that we unfortunately have no pictures of, but was very fun and the guitar player was really good.
Then we walked around Sevilla and found a little plaza where merchants sold their goods, but one gypsy was not very kind to mom. It was a building with a large Tower and Fountain.

Then we visited the Alcasar, a palace built in the 14th century by Pedro the 1st, featuring moorish and christian architecture called Mudejar style. It's a very large palace with huge grounds and a large garden that make it even bigger.

But then it was time to go back to Malaga and we said adios to Sevilla.

permalink written by  andres3009 on July 11, 2012 from Sevilla, Spain
from the travel blog: Spain Trip 2012
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