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Final Ozzy destination Sydney and departing to Thailand

Sydney, Australia


After a long stay in burleigh head whit Sarah and here Famely we desided to drive to sydney for my final week in ozzyland.
The Firsty day we drove to Port Maquire stayed in a suprisingly nice Mercure Hotel.

The next morning we departed for Sydney. However, it was an national holiday..
Therefore we were stuck in an traffic jam, and the trip costed us 8 hours instead of 4.

We finally arrived in Sydney city center, Saw another Marriot hotel, checked in a nice park few room. That evening we went out to the Sydney Sky tower. It was windy and therefore the Lift's were not working right..
we had to wait for 30 minutes and went up the tower.
We had an Buffet dinner with the best view over Sydney.

The Next morning we checked out of the Marriot hotel, and drove to the Novotel on Darling Harbor. (The Ad said Harbor view) When we got into the room we could indeed see a total of 20meters of water(thats it?). We walked thru town and Sarah got addicted to Sushi&Ice cream.(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

The next morning we checked into the Shangri-la Hotel.
We got the Oprha-house & Sydney harbor bridge view suite.

It costed a little bit of money, however, it was all worth it!
The best view ever.. Made some nice trick pictures at night.
I'll upload them later...
Ofcourse we stayed here for the final three day's..
We walked around and went on a boat ride to Manly Beach and took an train ride to Bondi Beach.

The final day we checked out our beloved hotel...(It was one of the best ones sofar)

Cleaned out my car, and drove to the airport.
First we checked me in, and then we wanted to check Sarah in. However, this was not possible. She had to take an bus to the other side of the airport.(15minutes of motorway)
And check in there, wile we planned on doing breakfast together.
Therefore we were torn apart more early then expected.

However, I've waited 3,5hours on Sydney Airport. took a 9.50hour flight to Bangkok.
Arrived in the middle of the night.. Originally I've had to wait 11 hours for my connecting flight to Koh Samui. However the BKK Airways desk was happy to put me on a 6hours earlier flight. Therefore I've tried to have a sleep on an airport bench.. (did not work)
Now I'm finally in Koh Samui, It's very quiet. Have a nice hotel room very cheap at Lucky Mothers..(Perfect)

I'm going to the beach now and try to get some tan.(It has already faded)

Speak to ya later..


permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on October 12, 2008 from Sydney, Australia
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged SydneyThailand

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