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And your rooster, too!

Aylesbury, United Kingdom

As I write the post about my day (which was quickly saved as a draft so as not to lose my thoughts and photos and such - no worries!), Vanessa and I are sitting in her beautiful, breezy living room watching The One Show on BBC One. (We watched some of The Fuse earlier, then flipped to Come Dine With Me, followed by The Simpsons, then this...)

To wrap up the show, they did a segment on the apparently legendary Dick Turpin [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Turpin] (why have I never heard of this famous historical figure, eh?) and went on and on about his murderous exploits, highway robberies, and whatnot. Then I heard, "One afternoon, after a particularly bad day hunting, Turpin returned to town and shot a rooster for no reason."

It might be the jet lag, and it might be because I'm mildly odd and easily amused, but I laughed and laughed, to the point that Vanessa had to chuckle at how silly I looked, laughing over Dick Turpin and how cool he was - he'd steal your money! He'd kill you if you looked at him wrong! HE'D EVEN SHOOT YOUR ROOSTER. Now, that's some serious badassery.

Final Note: We're now watching EastEnders. This is such a guilty pleasure! Ha ha! This is how I KNOW I'm in England...it's the only time I watch it!

permalink written by  Mary Rose on July 16, 2009 from Aylesbury, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: UK 2009
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