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An ocean, a road, llamas, a surf lesson & more food than we could eat.....

Torquay, Australia

Friday morning, 4:45am I (Cath) am awoken by my mobile-phone & Bek's voice "Good Morning, I'll be there to pick you up in about 45mins. This was quite a shock as I knew we were going away, but I honestly thought she would be getting me around 8am. A quick trip to Canberra Airport and I was on my way to Melbourne. We then picked up a cute little yellow hire car and then we were on the road - destination unknown...

We headed down towards Geelong and it was just after we passed through that I saw the first signs to the "Great Ocean Road". I couldn't beleive it, Bek was taking me on a trip that I have wanted to do for quite some time.

We stopped in Torquay, where Bek presented me with a 'beautiful' hand made doll called "Ali". Ali (my maid of honour) lives in Perth & is about to get married so was unable to come to our weekend away, so Bek made me a doll (who I took EVRYWHERE even despite all the weird looks from other travellers) to keep Ali's spirit with us.

We had a quick bite and then headed to a surf shop, where I was told to get into a wetsuit so we could have a surfing lesson. (Bek and I trying to squeeze ourselves into wetsuits was an experience in itself!) Now, surfing is awesome, suffice to say that I am probably the worlds worst paddler (my arms are still hurting). I managed to stand up once (at the end of our 2 hour lesson) and Bek managed to get up a few times, in between her and I running into each other when we caught waves. It was hilarious, nerve racking and so much fun. I was exhausted when the lesson ended.

We then got back on the highway and headed down to Apollo Bay, we stopped at a lighthouse and also admired the views from the awesome highway - what a beautiful part of the world! We then headed to our nights accomodation which was a Llama farm on top of the most beautiful (& steep!) hills/mountains above Apollo Bay. We then played with some Llamas (after getting over our fear of the placid things!) and then headed out for dinner where neither of us could finish the steaks we had ordered - they were huge! Probably about 500g each (it didn't help that we stuffed our faces with Calamari as an entree).

We headed back to the Llama Lodge at about 9pm and went straight to bed - it had been a long and exciting day - and this 30 yr old was exhausted.

permalink written by  Cath & Andy on February 23, 2007 from Torquay, Australia
from the travel blog: A journey to the alter and South America
tagged Torquay, ApolloBay, GreatOceanRoad and Victoria

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Swaying trees & walkways, a tiny room in a lighthouse, 500 steps to a waterfall & sunset with the apostles

Port Campbell, Australia

Bek and I got up early and went to play with the Llamas again before we headed off onto the highway again. The male Llamas were a little more 'dominant' than the girls we had visited the night before and Bek and I shared some nervous laughter as the Llamas spat at each other in an attempt to show 'who was boss'. It was such a beautiful farm and the llamas were really beautiful animals and we were both a little sad to leave such a special place.

We got back onto the Great Ocean road and stopped in at the Cape Otway lightstation. This is where the Bass Straight ends and the Southern Ocean starts. The lightstation grounds are heritage listed and they have done an amazing job of restoring the old residences and bunkers around the site. We got a tour up into the lighthouse (such a tiny room up stairs, you'd hate to be clostrophobic going up the dark spiral staircase!) and marvelled once again at the beautiful coastline - it was very windy!

From Cape Otway we headed up into the mountains and the stunning Otway rainforrest where the Otway Fly - treetop walk is. This is a definate must for anyone visiting the area as it is very beautiful - however, be warned, the tower, the trees and your knees all sway in the wind, amounting to something like sea-sickness at the top of the tower - despite my giddyness this was a wonderful experience, the rainforrest is so beautiful and peaceful.

We then headed down to Hopetoun Falls, after some hair-raising dirt road corners, and found the trail to the falls - I think there were about 500 steps straight down to the bottom, which made for a red-faced return up the hill. The falls were beautiful.

After the climb back up from the falls we headed to probably the most stunning part of our trip - the 12 Apostles at sunset. There isn't much I can say about it, apart from it was just so beautiful. We pretty much sat there for 2 hours watching the sun come down. This is an experience I will not forget.

We headed into Port Campbell for the night and stayed at the very pink Ocean Beach Backpackers, and went on a mission to find dinner. It was about 8:30pm and not alot open in Port Campbell apart from some very expensive restaurants that were full - we found a decent priced Pizza and Pasta house and orded Pumpkin, Spinach, Pine-nut and chicken pasta & a bottle of red - once again a huge meal that Bek and I couldn't finish - but ohh so tasty! And again, with my muscles aching from the surfing and all the up and down hills, we hit bed pretty early and I would have been out with the faires by 930pm.

permalink written by  Cath & Andy on February 24, 2007 from Port Campbell, Australia
from the travel blog: A journey to the alter and South America
tagged GreatOceanRoad, Victoria and PortCampbell

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