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I don't work.I've been collecting total disability since 1986 for a disability called bipolar..also a sleep disorder..unemployable,never had a job for more than a couple days and now i'm traveling nowhere and taking a lot of cool pictures to prove it.enjoy my library of pictures and my 5 piece drum set complete with snare,bass,floor tom and felacio cymbals.Am trying to make a comeback as Tim Buttox Allen Tysdale ..I don't have many fans since the war of 2016.My books don't sell.My music doesn't chime and my nostrils flare.I've got a pentiant for patience and my patients are pinching me.No hurt no pain as they say.allow me to end this here for i'm a cadaver in the snows of kili men jarro undressing Charo..and a bit of jelly in there too.and stuff..and don't forget that!

Lokk it's Sunday-He's back again

Seagoville, United States

3:34 PM 8/2/2015
It's sunday..Time goes by way too fast.i think back to last summer and it seems like it was only a mere few months ago..People might say that one's memory gets like that as they get older.I've been experiencing this strange speedup of time since at least the late 90's..i think i know why now but i'm not sure.My very first experience on the internet was in 1997.I'm wondring if i left off the internet for a month if i would experience longer times between bed times as well as longer days as well as longer weeks and broader time spans just generally.It's almost worth the effort.I used to wonder why the Christmas season was already again just 3 to 4 months away ,when i just put the tree back in it's box just a few months earlier.When i thought about it and traced it backward,i discoverd that to the best of my knowledge,i didn't begin having what i call mental time displacement until about 1997.That's when my first encounter with the internet took place.What i'm saying is that the internet has become a tool that has become so much a fixed part of our lives that we're missing out terribally on other things.I plan to cut my usage of the internet way down.I see too many people using their iphones and tablets in places like restaurants every night.Restaurants are for relaxing and getting away from home..Not to bring our home to the restaurant.Society has changed in so many ways it's almost unreal and unnecessarilly stressful..I see people who bring their pc communication tools to restaurants and sit there just as dedicated to them as they are at home.I think that's sad.I plan to change some of that in my life.I need the relaxation and calm.I don't think people realise what they lool like when they play with their tablets and iphones online when inside public places..they look tense..not RELAXED.I still plan to take my tablet to restaurants and stores and everywhere i go,as i'm using skype in place of a cell phone.i might even text to a friend where i am or to facebook,my location.But i've decided that i can watch videos and listen to music at home.i can watch my tv shows and roku 3 at home.I value my life and every waking moment.Wasting 80 to 100% of my free time every day with the internet is absolutely absurd.There's much more to life besides the internet.Unfortunately too many people haven't caught on to that yet..Especially school age children.But it doesn't stop there..It's a problem with those in their 20's and 30's as well. But about the mental time displacement>>Time has been going by so fast for myself that it's difficult for me to grasp mentally.When a certain month,especially a particular holiday comes around and it seems to me that we just did that holiday just a few mere months ago..Then i know that there's got to be a reason for it.Every christmas season for the last 10 years at least ,seems to just whirl by and it's suddenly January.Then suddenly before you know it,5 or 6 months later it's November again.Often times i don't feel the Christmas spirit so to speak,ONLY because it occured so fast that mentally it doesn't feel as though it should be the Christmas season again.I remember many times i felt horrible cause i couldnt feel like it was Christmas time.Everybody else was ok ..I seemed to be the odd one that just couldn't feel the holiday.Now there are some people who are like this every year solely because they don't like Christmas at all,period.But i'm a finatic about it.I love the lights,the colors,the trees,the sparkle and the glimmer,the holiday music,holiday movies, and even the commercialism.People who complain about the commercialism seem to forget that there's always been ,since the 50's, Christmas commercialism and after over 50 years of it existing every chrsitmas,people are still complaining.It won't go away it's always existed.It hasn't gotten worse,but people have been using it more often as a reason to bash Christmas.So here's my point...I plan to do the net much less from here on forward.As a retired person,i'm spending way too much of my life on the internet..Many hours a day just wasting my time.Time i can use visiting my Parents.Being outside walking,getting fresh air and excersize..Browsing the Walmart just to people watch.There's so many things i used to do that took up a lot of my time,before i discovered the internet.People that have those memories can relate.Those people much younger than i,wouldn't have those memories..That's a shame.They're stuck with the internet as being they're only or at least major remedy for entertainment relief.That's a shame.Well I covered more than one topic here in this post. things like mental time displacement.Another example of this btw,>>I had a friend that once told me that time goes by so fast for him that every Christmas season for the past 10 years feels like the same one, just expanded or continued and with a few places or people added and subtracted.It was in 2008 he said that to me.I still feel much that same way though..You can't explain the feeling in exactness,so descriptions like what he gave have to suffice.sometimes in fact a weird dejavu takes place that remains mentally through the entire holiday season because time has gone so fast.In this blog i also discussed leaving the internet at home..I think that's a wise idea really..an outing to have a meal or coffee should be just that..an outing.Bringing your internet is merely taking home along with you.I leave my apartment to get away from it for a while,not to bring it with me.But the answer to those people like me that seem to be living in a world of time displacement caused by passing time>> Who knows.I'm not certain.maybe the internet.Maybe it's a bipolar thing.Maybe during the holidays it's a North Bipolar thing.

4:47 PM 8/2/2015

permalink written by   Dennis Teel on August 2, 2015 from Seagoville, United States
tagged Christmas, Holidays, Patches, Texas, Bipolar and Lonely

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