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Handstand Hello

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I'll handstand everywhere. I'm a beginner traveler.

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Cheers to planning.

Seattle, United States

While slurping down a semi-shitty glass of Washington Cab and snacking on some Spanish Drunken Goat Gouda, I write my first blog post. Seems to fit, since I'm
a) Still in Washington
b) Will be in Spain August 12th snacking on Spanish cheeses and drinking.... uhhhh, way better Spanish wine.
(side note: pretty sure this bottle was seriously corked... but it's not too terrible and I spent 8.99 plus tax on it, so dammit, I drink)

I'm starting this blog entry before I leave so I can direct people to it before. Also, I've created a CouchSurfing account. I'm planning on using couchsurfing.org for good portion of my stays: Paris, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Valencia (most likely hostel the whole time here), Granada, and Seville. Then I'll train back up to Paris and definitely CS before I head back to Seattle. I'm debating on whether I want to CS right when I get to Paris or not. I'm thinking hostels because then I can meet other travelers and posse with them. The CS community seems super legit. And I've heard good things about it so far.

So here's to trying to organize my trip.

permalink written by  DanceRizzDance on July 18, 2012 from Seattle, United States
from the travel blog: Handstand Hello
tagged SeattleHandstand

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