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Roatan, Honduras Bay Islands
Margarita Island
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Utila, Honduras Bay Islands
New Orleans, LA

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Traveling = Irie
Although I have traveled to countless other places (w/in the US and internationally), I am only documenting the places that my husband and I have gone to just before and since our marriage. We tend to drift to the islands and other tropical places as you will notice!

New Orleans

New Orleans, United States

New Orleans was a blast! We went about a year after the big Katrina hurricand, but not much had changed. Burboun street was still packed with tourists with the goal of having a fun time! The French market was still there along with the tons of different landmarks that the city is known for such as Jackson square, the aquarium and zoo, that really long bridge, and so on. There are so many places with the most amazing food! These cajuns really know how to cook! I loved the cafe au lai (maybe that is how it is spelled?) and the beignets at Cafe du Monde! I went there for breakfast three times in the week that we went! Pat O'Brien's famous hurricane really does do its magic - be careful! Didn't go into the interesting nude bars so I can't comment on those. I did love the place called "Huge Ass Bears" with huge ass bears! Definately had a really good time in NO LA!

permalink written by  LMequet on April 6, 2007 from New Orleans, United States
from the travel blog: New Orleans, LA
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Gumbalimba Park

Roatan, Honduras

At this park on West Bay Beach, we went on a canapy zip line tour over the jungle. We also held monkeys and parrots. Our tour guide took us on a tour of the park and told us about the different plants at the park (which was amazing - tropical flowers and plants everywhere!!). She also took us into a pirate cave type thingy that explained the history of pirates on the island. This was definately worth the $30? or whatever it cost!

permalink written by  LMequet on July 31, 2006 from Roatan, Honduras
from the travel blog: Roatan, Honduras Bay Islands
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Utila Island

Utila, Honduras

We took a water taxi to Utila from Roatan. It took about an hour and a half and was pretty bumpy! We did see dolphins on the way, so that was cool! Utila is a really small island with a fishing village. We didn't really do much there. When we went to Water Caye (One of the 11 small Cayes off of Utila), it was beautiful. Again, there was not much to do but relax. On our way back, we just missed a water cyclone! That definately could have been interesting!

permalink written by  LMequet on July 31, 2006 from Utila, Honduras
from the travel blog: Utila, Honduras Bay Islands
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More of Roatan

Roatan, Honduras

The beaches in Roatan were so beautiful! My favorite was West Bay Beach - by far!

The snorkeling is amazing. The reef is so much fun to explore!

The only thing about the beaches, though, is that there are these annoying sand flies. If you don't wash the sand off your body right away you get red bumps all over your body from where they bite you!

The people are increadible - so, so friendly (Unless you came on a cruise - they are annoyed by the rude (usually) people that are on their island for five hours)!

There are so many good places to eat and have fun for the night. Our favorite place was the Twisted Toucan!

When we went into Coxen Hole to do some shopping it was kind of dirty. It's definately a place where you just want to shop for the day and then leave.

permalink written by  LMequet on July 31, 2006 from Roatan, Honduras
from the travel blog: Roatan, Honduras Bay Islands
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Parque El Agua

Porlamar, Venezuela

This park is actually on Margarita Island off the coast of Venezuela. It had a ton of cool slides, and a really cool canal ride. The coolest part was a slide that dropped down at like a 90 degree angle! It was crazy - I got a huge weggie!!!

permalink written by  LMequet on July 27, 2005 from Porlamar, Venezuela
from the travel blog: Margarita Island
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The Pirate Ship

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We went on a pirate ship "tour" type thingy. They gave out unlimited booze (kind of like a booze cruise), did some fun skits, served a wonderfully authentic meal, and took us to a beautiful beach. On this beach we went snorkeling, kyaking, and rode a banana boat. This was a little bit spendy, but definately worth every penny!

permalink written by  LMequet on September 22, 2004 from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
from the travel blog: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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