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Major Cities and Destinations

Adamas, Greece Kos, Greece
Afetai, Greece Koskinas, Greece
Afion, Greece Kossos, Greece
Afitos, Greece Koufos, Greece
Aghios Nikolaos, Greece, Greece Koumaries, Greece
Agia Marina, Greece Kozani, Greece
Agia Marina, Greece Kyparissia, Greece
Agia Pelagia, Greece Kyparissia, Greece
Agios Antonios, Greece Kythira, Greece
Agios Georgios, Greece Lamia, Greece
Agios Nikolaos, Greece Larisa, Greece
Agios Nikolaos, Greece Lava, Greece
Agios Nikolaos, Greece Lefkas, Greece
Agios Stefanos, Greece Leptokarya, Greece
Agistri, Greece Levadeia, Greece
Agrinion, Greece Levkadhion, Greece
Aidhipsos, Greece Ligourion, Greece
Aigion, Greece Likhas, Greece
Aira, Greece Limin Litochorou, Greece
Akraifnion, Greece Lindos, Greece
Alexandroupolis, Greece Litochoron, Greece
Alexis, Greece Livadhion, Greece
Aliartos, Greece Loutra Killinis, Greece
Alonnisos, Greece Loutron, Greece
Amigdhala, Greece Loutron, Greece
Andiparos, Greece Makrinitsa, Greece
Andirrion, Greece Malakasa, Greece
Andros, Greece Malia, Greece
Anthili, Greece Mandra, Greece
Apoikia, Greece Martinon, Greece
Apollonia, Greece Megisti, Greece
Apollonia, Greece Mesotopos, Greece
Arachova, Greece Methana, Greece
Archaia Olympia, Greece Methoni, Greece
Ardhanion, Greece Metokhi, Greece
Argos, Greece Metokhi, Greece
Argostolion, Greece Metokhion Konstamonitou, Greece
Aria, Greece Mikron Vathi, Greece
Aria, Greece Milina, Greece
Arma, Greece Milos, Greece
Arta, Greece Modhion, Greece
Asfaka, Greece Mokhlos, Greece
Asos, Greece Monastiraki, Greece
Asprovalta, Greece Monemvasia, Greece
Astakos, Greece Monolithos, Greece
Astros, Greece Mykonos, Greece
Asvestadhes, Greece Mystras, Greece
Atalanti, Greece Mytikas, Greece
Athanion, Greece Mytilini, Greece
Athens, Greece Nafpaktos, Greece
Athinai, Greece Nafplion, Greece
Avia, Greece Naxos, Greece
Avliotai, Greece Nea Ankhialos, Greece
Ayia Evfimia, Greece Nea Erithraia, Greece
Ayia Varvara, Greece Nea Karvali, Greece
Ayioi Apostoloi, Greece Nea Moudhania, Greece
Ayioi Theodhoroi, Greece Nea Playia, Greece
Ayios Athanasios, Greece Nea Stira, Greece
Ayios Nikolaos, Greece Nea Triglia, Greece
Ayios Nikolaos, Greece Neapolis, Greece
Ayios Nikolaos, Greece Neon Iraklion, Greece
Ayios Pandeleimon, Greece Nikiana, Greece
Ayios Thomas, Greece Oia, Greece
Ayios Thomas, Greece Oinofita, Greece
Ayios Thomas, Greece Olympiaki Akti, Greece
Ayios Yeoryios, Greece Olympos, Greece
Ayios Yeoryios, Greece Ossa, Greece
Chalkis, Greece Ouranopolis, Greece
Chania, Greece Oxia, Greece
Chania, Greece Oxia, Greece
Chios, Greece Paiania, Greece
Choika, Greece Palaia Monemvasia, Greece
Chora Sfakion, Greece Palaiokatouna, Greece
Corinth, Greece Panagoula, Greece
Dadia, Greece Paradhisos, Greece
Desi, Greece Paralia, Greece
Dhafni, Greece Paralia, Greece
Dhariza, Greece Paralia Skotinis, Greece
Dhelfoi, Greece Parga, Greece
Dhiakofti, Greece Parnassos, Greece
Dhiakopton, Greece Paros, Greece
Dhilos, Greece Patmos, Greece
Dhiminion, Greece Patrai, Greece
Dhionisios, Greece Peiraiefs, Greece
Dhokos, Greece Pelasyia, Greece
Dhokos, Greece Pelekas, Greece
Dhrazion, Greece Perama, Greece
Diakopto, Greece Perevos, Greece
Dimitsana, Greece Petra, Greece
Doirani, Greece Petra, Greece
Drama, Greece Petra, Greece
Elafonisos, Greece Petrokefalion, Greece
Elaia, Greece Pilion, Greece
Elefsis, Greece Pirgadhikia, Greece
Eleftheroupolis, Greece Pirgos, Greece
Elika, Greece Pirgos, Greece
Epano Epidhavros, Greece Plakias, Greece
Eptalofos, Greece Platanias, Greece
Eratini, Greece Platanias, Greece
Erithrai, Greece Plataria, Greece
Ermioni, Greece Platia Ammos, Greece
Ermoupolis, Greece Poros, Greece
Evdhilos, Greece Poros, Greece
Evzonoi, Greece Porto Kayio, Greece
Faros, Greece Portochelion, Greece
Filla, Greece Potamos, Greece
Fiskardhon, Greece Pourion, Greece
Floria, Greece Preveliana, Greece
Floriada, Greece Preveza, Greece
Florina, Greece Preveza, Greece
Floyita, Greece Promakhon, Greece
Folegandros, Greece Psomaiika, Greece
Frangokastellon, Greece Pylaia, Greece
Fration, Greece Pylion, Greece
Fres, Greece Pylos, Greece
Frinion, Greece Pyrgos, Greece
Galaxidhion, Greece Razata, Greece
Gravia, Greece Rea, Greece
Gytheion, Greece Rethymnon, Greece
Iasion, Greece Rigaiika, Greece
Ida, Greece Roda, Greece
Igoumenitsa, Greece Rodhopos, Greece
Iliokali, Greece Rodos, Greece
Ioannina, Greece Rodos, Greece
Ios, Greece Samaria, Greece
Irakleion, Greece Sami, Greece
Iraklia, Greece Samos, Greece
Iraklia, Greece Sarti, Greece
Iraklion, Greece Savra, Greece
Iraklion, Greece Serifos, Greece
Iraklion, Greece Serrai, Greece
Isthmia, Greece Seta, Greece
Itea, Greece Sfakia, Greece
Itea, Greece Sgara, Greece
Ithaki, Greece Sinarades, Greece
Kalamata, Greece Sinoikia Kato Trikalon, Greece
Kalambakion, Greece Skala Marion, Greece
Kalami, Greece Skala Ormilion, Greece
Kalamos, Greece Skiathos, Greece
Kalampaka, Greece Skotina, Greece
Kalavryta, Greece Souda, Greece
Kalavryta, Greece Sougia, Greece
Kaliviani, Greece Sozopolis, Greece
Kalymnos, Greece Sparta, Greece
Kamaritsa, Greece Spata, Greece
Kambos, Greece Spatharis, Greece
Kantanos, Greece Spetses, Greece
Kapsospiti, Greece Spilion, Greece
Karavas, Greece Stilis, Greece
Karavomilos, Greece Symi, Greece
Kastella, Greece Tavros, Greece
Katakalion, Greece Telendhos, Greece
Katakolon, Greece Temeni, Greece
Katakolon, Greece Thasos, Greece
Katalonia, Greece Thermi, Greece
Katelios, Greece Thermisia, Greece
Katerini, Greece Thermopilai, Greece
Katiyioryi, Greece Thessaloniki, Greece
Kato Garouna, Greece Thira, Greece
Kato Zakros, Greece Thirasia, Greece
Katokhorion, Greece Thivai, Greece
Kavala, Greece Tilai, Greece
Kavos, Greece Tinos, Greece
Kea, Greece Tragana, Greece
Kea (Tzia), Greece Trikala, Greece
Keramoti, Greece Tripolis, Greece
Keratsinion, Greece Tzoumerka, Greece
Kerkini, Greece Vafios, Greece
Kerkyra, Greece Varlamaiika, Greece
Kerpini, Greece Varyiani, Greece
Kharma, Greece Vathy, Greece
Kiknos, Greece Vatision, Greece
Kimolos, Greece Vatondas, Greece
Kiparission, Greece Velesi, Greece
Kirra, Greece Velventos, Greece
Kissamos, Greece Vinglafia, Greece
Knosos, Greece Vitina, Greece
Koftra, Greece Volos, Greece
Kokkinopilos, Greece Vrisakia, Greece
Kokkinovrakhos, Greece Xanthi, Greece
Komilion, Greece Xarkhakia, Greece
Komotini, Greece Xinias, Greece
Kondaraina, Greece Ydra, Greece
Kontokalion, Greece Yiannitsou, Greece
Korfos, Greece Zakynthos, Greece
Korinthos, Greece Ziparion, Greece
Korithion, Greece Zografos, Greece

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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