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Major Cities and Destinations

Alagiin Sume, Mongolia Huyagt, Mongolia
Altanbulag, Mongolia Jirgalantayn Datsang, Mongolia
Amardalay, Mongolia Karakorum, Mongolia
Arguut, Mongolia Khorgo Volcano, Mongolia
Arvayheer, Mongolia Khustai National Park, Mongolia, Mongolia
Bayagiin Dugang, Mongolia Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia
Bayan, Mongolia Lun, Mongolia
Bayanbulag, Mongolia Lun, Mongolia
Bayangol, Mongolia Mandalgovi, Mongolia
Bayanhongor, Mongolia Moron, Mongolia
Borhoyn Tal, Mongolia Moron, Mongolia
Bulgan, Mongolia Moron, Mongolia
Bulgan, Mongolia Nalayh, Mongolia
Burgaasatayn Hiid, Mongolia Ongi, Mongolia
Buyant-Uhaa, Mongolia Saynshand, Mongolia
Choyroiin Jisa Hiid, Mongolia Selenge River, Mongolia
Chzhirgalantu-Sagsay-Somon, Mongolia Shibirteyn Sume, Mongolia
Dalandzadgad, Mongolia Suhbaatar, Mongolia
Dalandzadgad, Mongolia Tariat, Mongolia
Dalay, Mongolia Terelj National Park, Mongolia
Darhan, Mongolia Tosontsengel, Mongolia
Darhan, Mongolia Tsagaan Subarga Hural, Mongolia
Doloon, Mongolia Tsagaan Subarga Hural, Mongolia
Dugang Goliin Hural, Mongolia Tsetserleg, Mongolia
Dzalaa, Mongolia Tsetserleg, Mongolia
Erdene-Dzuu, Mongolia Tumen, Mongolia
Erdenet, Mongolia Ulaan Dabaa, Mongolia
Erdenet, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Gandzagatayn Huryee, Mongolia Ulaangom, Mongolia
Guna, Mongolia Ulaanhudag, Mongolia
Harhorin, Mongolia Uliastay, Mongolia
Hatgal, Mongolia Unit, Mongolia
Hongor, Mongolia Yoliin Hural, Mongolia
Hushuu Hural, Mongolia

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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