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Where I call home Restaurant at YMCA YMCA first night in India...very nice! TUK TUK! Good ride! Lotus Temple, Delhi. a.k.a Sydney Opera House Dali Haat Market Dali Haat Market CHEAP! (about 60p) Contrast to where we stayed Posh! hotel we got taken to by our friend Lokesh Long straight road School name and place The kid with the L was out of time with the others, bless! Cute kids Dance for us! Locals watching us at the school School being build for the poorest Dalits no room for humans Check out the poeple staring! CSW Family whos house we visited near the school Dung storage places (i think) Flowers from the kids People staring (not posing for photo) Horns going aaaaaaaall the time here!!! We LOVE chai! Cow (kinda likea camel really though, with weird bump) at sunset Heavy loads for cows Sunsets are orange Lizard Took so many pics, i couldnt decide which to put up!! =) Typical shot of Taj Hey! They don't look like tourists! lol Decoration Covering the Taj goes like this...! One of the 4 idenical buildings surrounding the Tak Cheeky monkey Agra Fort Bloody Mozzies (they have taken a liking to me despite the DEET) Typical Kathmandu street Cool looking guy, Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Kathmandu Guarding the

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