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Dalian has a even has panda

Dalian has a even has panda

This Freakin' Rocks!!! posted by carseat tourist from Dalian, China
from the travel blog: Life in Harbin as an American English Teacher

Mom Panda Dalian fisherman Count the shoes, 1st we counted starfish but there were so many more shoes so it was a little game each night, don't worry, the recyclers came each day to collect them. Every night we played in a maze near the beach.  Hide &seek, race thru the maze The Dalian zoo 1/2world class& 1/2 old school-pose with the animals,etc Dalian has a even has panda BBQ at 5 mile park in Shenyang Eating corn at KFC Playing on the exercise equipment Swinging family. Give the brother a push.

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