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What's this??!!  Ollie finds roo tracks.

What's this??!! Ollie finds roo tracks.

This Freakin' Rocks!!! posted by olliejohnson from Perth, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: A Brit and a Canuck Down Under

A statue of a man in the middle of the kangaroo colony. I bet the roos mock him because he's pretending to carry something really heavy. A blue heron, or so we thought. Maybe whoever identifies that weird bird earlier can also clarify this guy's identity. Ollie (designated kangaroo tracker) thinks he spots some scat, so checks it out. Actually, it was a set-up. He posed and asked me to take this photo. We thought these rocks were roos from a distance.  But they weren't.  They were just rocks, playing with our minds.  Clever rocks. Ollie may have been the first one to spot the roos, but I spied this inconspicuous little bird well before he did.  Ollie would like to add this inconspicous bird is 1 metre tall. What's this??!!  Ollie finds roo tracks. As I walked around the corner, after hours of tracking, this was my first glimpse of the roos. This kangaroo just spent the whole time chilling.  While I (Ollie) crept up to awe at mother nature, he yawned and scratched his balls.  Legend. A kangaroo looking all pensive. Kangeroos in the wild.  Of Perth.

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