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Me and a Tree.

Me and a Tree.

This Freakin' Rocks!!! posted by Crosswood from Berkeley, United States
from the travel blog: New Zealand Student, American University.

More Cheerleaders. They were apprecaited more by the guys. Cheerleaders. They weren't that great. Friends at the football stadium Another Shot of the Psychology Building, Berkeley. The Rural Sci Building - It's a Little Bit Funny... Me and a Tree. The Golden Gate Bridge from the Crillion The Main Drag - Berkeley Campus' little highway. The View from the Crillion - Great View and Music too The Coolest  Building in the Entire World - the Decoration is GREAT. Psychology Building, Berkeley.

Whatttttt!! Have you bought yourself a new t shirt....

permalink written by  Mum on September 29, 2007

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