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Information in english about this trip

Information in english about this trip

Sorry about Dear friends, I have forgotten to write something in english. Basically we have done this blog because Carlos and I have decided to do a trip around Asia for 4 months. So, next sunday 18th of may we are leaving Barcelona will go to London and after that we will try to reach Japan. From Tokyo we will use the faster train in order to visit some cities like: Hiroshima, Fuji, Kioto and finally Tokyo. After that we will going to Seoul,Corea. I will writing somenthing in english the most important things just to make sure, you my friends who do not know spanish can follow us. I really apreciated your follow. Keep in touch. Inge, I really look forward to seeing you soon in Jakarta, after hardly 8 years. It was a really nice to meet you, London was great on that time, and you was there. Thank you! See you soon!

This Freakin' Rocks!!! posted by Noemi y Carlos
from the travel blog: Nuestro viajeSito

SI, NOS QUEREMOS ¿Y QUÉ?  Yes! WE LOVE EACH OTHER, SO WHAT? Information in english about this trip ¿WHO IS THE MOAI? ¿QUIEN ES EL MOAI? TWO SPANISH SPEAKERS IN FRONT OF THE OPERA HOUSE, SYDNEY En ULURU, Australia Cruzando a Koowlong ¿DO YOU UNDERSTAND CHINESE? PETICIONES A DIOS Classic mexican tourist in a Hong Kong market Street in Hong Kong center

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