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a tuk-tuk zooming down the street

a tuk-tuk zooming down the street

This Freakin' Rocks!!! posted by katieandmichael from Bangkok, Thailand
from the travel blog: Katie and Michael's Travel Blog

tagged Bangkok

A shrine and a huge highrise building - an appropriate summary of Bangkok Cool building we saw from the river taxi A street near the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Eating some pad thai for a little less than a dollar from a street vendor A hilarious woman who sold me a skirt.  I think she is deaf, but she was better at communicating than any other Thai person I've met a tuk-tuk zooming down the street A street vendor in Chinatown who made some amazing, but very spicy, pork soup Katie zip-lining Happy Thais in a jeep who wanted us to take their picture A second after I took this picture, she re-thought her attack plan and squirted straight into my face

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