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Me and Joey the kitten

Me and Joey the kitten

This Freakin' Rocks!!! posted by olliejohnson from London, Canada
from the travel blog: A man from Cockshutt.

A cathedral in front of a spookily-lit skyscraper Weird Christmas tree lights Angela in front of downtown Montreal Me revelling in my first sighting of snow in Canada Angela in front of the frozen lake - with the tubing slides in the distance Me and Joey the kitten Bastien the New Year Turkey - dressed to kill. New Year's Eve - Me, Angela and Fergie Joey striking a pose Finally, definitive proof of the laziness of North Americans.  Clearly, it was too much effort to have to pronounce the bi-syllabled 'Cluedo', so they gave up half way.  Oh, and Rev Green over here is just 'Mr' Green...

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