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Middle East, 2003

a travel blog by Jason Kester

Three months were gone and I was still walking the earth and blowing through the life?s savings. Too much good stuff to report. Too many entries to reasonably expect anybody to read. Time to start a new chapter in the web log.

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Efe'd up

Fethiye, Turkey

Turkey y'alls! It's all good!

Just got off the boat from Olympos. 4 days of chilling in the sun, swimming in the Med., and sleeping on the deck of a beat up old yacht.

Ten passengers and a cheap price mean that they end up cutting corners in a lot of areas. The food was not particularly exciting, and they kept lopping off chunks of the itinerary. Twice a day, somebody would have the brochure out, reading about whatever secluded cove we were supposed to stop at but were at the moment sailing past. Lucky for me I had never read that brochure. No expectations = No disappointment.

But yeah, the ride was cool. Nothing to do but sip cold beers, work on the suntan, and maybe jump into the sea from time to time to cool off. Evidently, we cruised past some nice beaches and awe-inspiring ruins, but really I was too busy chilling to pay any attention.

permalink written by  Jason Kester on July 12, 2003 from Fethiye, Turkey
from the travel blog: Middle East, 2003
tagged Drinking and Sailing

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Selcuk, Turkey

permalink written by  Jason Kester on July 13, 2003 from Selcuk, Turkey
from the travel blog: Middle East, 2003
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Site up again

Istanbul, Turkey

I'm in Istanbul now, staying at this hostel with an amazing 360 degree view. There's the bosporous close in on one side and the blue & red mosques a block away on the other. All this for a mere (pause to bring Dr. Evil finger to lips...) Ten Million Lyra!

Istanbul is a great city. There's historic scenery everywhere, and shady parks as well. There is a Jazz festival going on, so a couple of us headed across town last night to catch this amazing quartet in an outdoor amphitheater.

In between the 6 and 12 hour bus rides to get here from Fethiye, I spent a day at Ephesus checking out yet more spectacular ruins. I was amazed at how many people were there. Thousands. I have no idea where they dug all these people up. Maybe everybody who was planning to go to Egypt came to Turkey instead.

permalink written by  Jason Kester on July 16, 2003 from Istanbul, Turkey
from the travel blog: Middle East, 2003
tagged Tourism

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