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Berlin Bandit

a travel blog by aweasel

Two nights in Berlin.

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Love this city!

Berlin, Germany

Well what a city. If your looking to be the hippest and most 'in' person around then Berlin is the place to be. Due to historical upheavel and difficult struggles for freedom Germany and Berlin in particular has become a centre for freedom of expression and creative thinking.

Art is not constricted to museums in Berlin it is in the streetscapes that you cycle by on. The array of graphiti is surprising and it is more than just tagging as seen everywhere is other cities it is wall art.

Learning about the Berlin wall and the strtuggles that peole on both sides faced so soon after the end of World War 2, and as part of the Cold War was new for me. There were parts of the wall still intact which were fascinating, Graphitti art covered most sections which were still standing. The installation art monument whjich is dedicated to the Jewish people murdered in World War 2 is hauntingly beautiful.

Bike travel in the city is a big part of daily life and young kids ride on seats everywhere, young ones too! The parks are full at sundown with children everywhere and parents catching up on the sidlines. These areas had a great community feel about them.

Underground tran systems were great for ease of getting about as are bikes that are readily available for rent. Clothes and great shopping opportunities were everywhere, with there being lots of little boutique style stores,

Berlin a city to visit! Put it on your list!

permalink written by  aweasel on September 9, 2009 from Berlin, Germany
from the travel blog: Berlin Bandit
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