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Exploring & Eating in Singapore

a travel blog by Jetsetter P

Settling into the country involves adjusting to the climate, always having your camera at the ready, and eating, eating, EATING!
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Settling In (oh, and EATING!)

Singapore, Singapore

So it's the end of work week two, and I must confess, today is the first day I actually walked anywhere. I've been working extremely long hours, like 8am to 10pm, which apparently is the Asian way. It's mostly to do with my particular job, and straightening out the cleanup work, while trying to create all new policies and procedures. I have a very hectic and draining schedule, but I love fixing problems like this and I'm good at it so it's not as miserable as it sounds. Last weekend I had my Landmark Education Advanced Course so I was in a meeting room from 10am to midnight on Fri, Sat & Sun examining myself, and creating possibilities for my future. It was an awesome experience because I made about 60 new friends, some local fro Singapore, others from Thailand & Hong Kong and all over Asia, and I really got to learn about some of the cultural differences on a very personal level. Other than the course and work, I've done nothing but sleep and eat eat eat. I have the pics to prove it! Carol took me on a lovely route to walk home today, and I've taken plenty of pictures. Tomorrow is my first weekend to myself and I am THRILLED! I'm doing a charity walk in the morning for Habitat for Humanity's Singapore branch, and then heading to the zoo with some friends I met at the course. I hear the zoo here is an amazing experience and you've never seen captive animals so happy. They have shows that allow you to interact with the animals and their environment so can't wait for that. Sunday I have plans to check out my apartment's gym, hit the swimming pool, find a super market and explore locally a bit. I need to catch up on my Lonely Planet reading, since I booked a trip to Bali from early on August 5th flying back mid afternoon on August 8th. It's only 2.5 hours away and I'm so so so so amped. It looks like the most beautiful place in the world and I can't wait to see for myself. August 9th is National Day in Singapore, a public holiday with a parade and festival so I'm glad I'll be back to check that out and all the banks are closed so no work! I’m planning to book a flight to somewhere in Thailand from the 20th to the 23rd, since the 23rd is another bank holiday. Just haven't figured out which part I want to see first. For now check out the photos of views from the office, tons of food I've been trying, and the sights along the walk home from the office.

permalink written by  Jetsetter P on June 17, 2011 from Singapore, Singapore
from the travel blog: Exploring & Eating in Singapore
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