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Living in Spain

a travel blog by Jason Kester

Frustrated by the lack of world-class limestone climbing in the States, I've moved Blogabond TransGlobal Headquarters to Pamplona, Spain for a while.

Guess I'd better start learning Spanish...
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San Fermin 2008!!!

Pamplona, Spain

San Fermin kicked off at noon today and the place is going nuts. We made it down to city hall, where it all starts, a couple hours early. Helen and Martin-on-the-couch sought out the high ground and found their way atop a bottle bin. I opted to remain amongst the people, and got thoroughly monched as a reward.

For a full two hours, champagne corks popped and wine flew through the air, along with various colorful liquids, flour, mustard, and anything else that people thought to bring along so as to make matters worse. People kept cramming in, packing the crowd tight enough that it was nigh impossible to swill Kalimotxo anymore. Crowds surged. The faint of heart were passed back overhead to safety. Finally, the mayor and her entourage stepped out on the balcony and launched the rocket that officially started the festivities. Somehow it ramped up a notch. I wouldn't have thought there were any notches left.

That was four hours ago. The place is a mess. My previously white clothes are mostly yellow, with a bit of purple thrown in. We're halfway through the week's supply of wine. I need a shower.

Gora San Fermin!

permalink written by  Jason Kester on July 6, 2008 from Pamplona, Spain
from the travel blog: Living in Spain
tagged SanFermin and Fiesta

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