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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stayed with beautiful Wilimine and Toka in Amsterdam.

Van Gough Museum was a real highlight, the amount of work whiah showed the diveristy of talent that had and the amount of beautiful unknow works were impressive.

Rode bikes all around amsterdam, Wilemine gave me a great old bike to ride- white devil... we pulled the vines off of and pumped up the tyres so that it was Mobile again. The streets are made for cycling and there is cycling traffic everywhere- most people ride and some decorated their bikes with flowers and tiger stripes. I loved the bright pink bike with flower decorations the best.

Marelina was also there and we spent a lovely time eating dinner and catching up again on each others lives. Spending time in a home is a real treat again, the apartments in Amsterdam are tiny and there is a lot of sharing of space. Most bathrooms dont have a sink in them and the shower and toilet spaces are tiny. But there is a great sense of design and style within the closed spaces which makes the apartments that I visited a real reflection of the people living there.

Shopping is also amazing in Amsterdam, you can buy almost anything at the markets that are in the plaza's and streets. They sell all sorts from the trashy to the practicle. My favoutrites were the bakeries, marterial shops and food stalls!

Amsterdam has great parks and lots of time can be spent out in the parks, relaxing with someone playing music nearby. Leisure time seems highly valued here and most people have a fit appearance due to riding bikes as a main means of transport.

On my final day in Amsterdam I was lucky enough to go on a private canal ride. Wilimine organised a ribber dingy and we explored and toured the canals for the afternoon. I was then dropped off at the train station out of the dingy in the canal! Best arrival to date!

Amsterdam the liveable city!

permalink written by  aweasel on September 11, 2009 from Amsterdam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: Amsterdam
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