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Cath & Andy

Visiting ESRI Offices Canberra

Canberra, Australia

Went to the ESRI Office in Manuka, met up with our old boss and he showed us around. Had some cake and a coffee. They were giving away free coffee mugs, those travel mugs that keep the coffee warm. They came in red and blue colours. I got two, one for myself and one for a fellow coworker whom could not make it. I chose the red mug and gave the blue mug away.

permalink written by  developer on June 17, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Visiting ESRI Offices Canberra
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Stag Beetle - Love It

Canberra, Australia

Went to the local markets today with a colleague. I had grilled fish with chips though I had to wait about 15 minutes before my food was ready. Afterwards we went into a Chinese Food store and bought some confectionary. my colleague bought a big box of "Hello Panda" buscuits with soft chocolate centres. Good it is, good it is. I went for the YanYan's, a long thin buscuit you dip in chocolate.

On the drive back we saw a a guy driving a Honda Prelude wearing a cowboy hat, the only way he could get any gayer (is that a word?) was for him to stop and get out of his car and start roller blading.

I shared my YanYan's with a few work colleagues and we read the inspirational messages (Fun Lines) on the side of the buscuits such as:
Golden EGG, [can't remember>

permalink written by  developer on May 2, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Hello Panda
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Milk Run

Canberra, Australia

Ran out of milk, some of the milk users were disgruntled but I soon pacified them by ducking down to the canteen and spending AU $2.90 on a 2L bottle of milk. I have a little scam going though where I buy one 2L bottle and half fill another empty 2L bottle and then top them both up with water. I may even switch to powdered milk or get my own cow and milk it and hold a bbq at the end of the year!

Anyway this nice Nigerian doctor whom works at a bank sent me an email asking me to give him my bank details so he can transfer US $15,000,000 into my bank account and I get 30% of it! I was very excited and all I have to do is wire $4,500 to him, how easy is that!

permalink written by  developer on April 18, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Milk Run
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Trip down

Canberra, Australia

On my trip down the traffic was lower than a peak hour but I did manage to follow a guy near the Ski Roo who had a sash buckle for his boot lock a bit of drastic measure for replacing a broken boot lock. Also as I approached the town centre there were more and more small trucks with tailers caring sand or returning empty luckily I didn’t get stuck behind any. Finally I arrived at my destination and found a car park relatively close to the hardware store entrance

permalink written by  developer on April 16, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Urgent Trip South
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Loading the Car

Canberra, Australia

well after making my purchase I had the difficult task of loading it to my car well after a few attempts I decided to lower the back seats and finally go them all to fit in.
I think next time I just put the seats down first up.
Then I set off to pickup my parcel well got there easily as it was only a block down the street .I Found a park easily as there was no que when I got to the desk so I was served quite quick initaly untill I gave my voucher to the attendent where she litily just stepped out the back door to get my parcel like she just put it there. So my service was not just quick but ligilyting fast. So I signed for this parcel of unknown contents and quickly shuffled back to my car and had to load that in the front seat.

permalink written by  developer on April 16, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Urgent Trip South
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Missed Turn

Canberra, Australia

Well On my way back I was going to stop by my house but in watching all these trucks going by I missed my turn well not much time was lost as I just did a quick turn at the next round-a-bout and then I was back on track.
Well not much else happened after I pick up a few things at home except a P plate'er weaving his way up the pack of cars.
Arrived at work and got a shady spot.

permalink written by  developer on April 16, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Urgent Trip South
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Vending Machine

Canberra, Australia

I made a trip to the vending machine to buy some potato chips. The vending machine is at the other end of the building and down two floors so its quite a journey.
When I got there I discovered I just had enough coinage for my purchase, and much to my dismay,one coin was actually a New Zealand twenty cent piece. I inserted the coins and heard the sound of one of them being rejected. Suprisingly it was not the foreign coin but the fair dinkum aussie currency. I reinserted and I was good to go. Initally the bright Orange packaging of the Burger Rings caught my eye but intead I went with the more sophicated looking and adult oriented Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream Kettle Chips.
The journey back to my desk was uneventful.
I guess this trip could have been planned better ie making sure I had the right currency before I started out.

permalink written by  developer on April 10, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Vending Machine
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Canberra, Australia

My trip to the crapper ended up more intersting than I had originally planned. After deciding I needed to do a 'number 2' I left my office cubicle and proceded to the mens post haste! I was stopped half way to the mens by my temporary boss whom updated me on my work situation at the moment and that another Manager was looking for me. I left him on that note with a bit of a turtle head happening so I then decided to use the upstairs toilets with four cubiles on the fourth floor rather than the mens on the second that only has two cubicles. This choice paid off as there were three empty cubicles and fortunately the seat wasn't warm! After purging the contents of my bowels I felt contentment, relief and a whole lot lighter.

permalink written by  developer on April 9, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Blogabog
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Trip to work

Canberra, Australia

Started the day of with the regular trip in to work except for some idiot overtaking the car in front of him in the "merge-in" lane for a T-Intersection.
Apart from this little incident of white knuckled drama the commute in was as expected.
Got into work shortly after 8.

permalink written by  developer on April 5, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Short Trips
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Canberra, Australia

Got to work around 9. Commute wasnt too bad today

permalink written by  developer on April 4, 2007 from Canberra, Australia
from the travel blog: Short Trips
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