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Lake Tahoe, Summer 2006
Guatemala with the Joneses
The Adventures of D and Yee

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Lake Atitlan

Panajachel, Guatemala

Today we drove to Lake Atitlan, in the mountains. There was a big bike race going on, we saw crowds gathered on the roadside but didn't see any of the race. In Solola, we stopped for an urgent bathroom break and walked around the festivities for a bit. It looked like the finish line was here, but Panajachel was another 30 minutes down the road. We took a boat across the lake to Santiago, which was very small but seen lots of tourists. The handicrafts were of exceptional quality, here. I think they are renowned for their embroidery. It wasn't the warmest or clearest day but the boatride was pretty fun.

West of Antigua

permalink written by  Joyee on October 30, 2006 from Panajachel, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Guatemala with the Joneses
tagged Guatemala, Panajachel, LakeAtitlan, Solola, Chimaltenago and Santiago

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Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

The last two days were spent in Antigua. We were waiting for Carrie Ann to arrive so we could do some other exploring. I got a few good pics of volcanoes in the area at dusk. Agua was smoking as the sun was setting here.

permalink written by  Joyee on October 29, 2006 from Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Guatemala with the Joneses
tagged Antigua and Guatemala

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Exploring the City

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

I slept in and woke up to roosters crowing and other calls of birds I did not recognize. After a little breakfast at a cafe near the plaza, I spent the rest of morning wandering around the city. The sun was hot and it was clear so good views of the volcanoes to the south and west: Agua, Fuego and Pacaya. The market was going full force when I arrived. I was a little disappointed not to see a lot of food action like the way Asian markets seemed to be focused on, but nonetheless there was a lot to see.

After lunch, I decided to sit in the shade at the plaza, close to the waterfountain, just to take a breather from the hot sun. I was kind of accosted but a drunk man with a lazy eye. He made me sit and talk to him. I believe very little of what he said because of his whiskey breath and dubious comments on women, but he told me that he could speak English because he has lived in the States and fought in Iraq. He also went on to tell me how much he liked Asian women etc. and all the girlfriends he has had from Japan and Taiwan. We were in a very public place so I didn't feel threatened but he was pretty weird. So I said goodbye to buddy. Nothing like that ever happened again while I was with everyone else so I guess it's what happens to lone female travellers...

Everyone arrived late that night.

permalink written by  Joyee on October 27, 2006 from Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Guatemala with the Joneses
tagged Antigua and Guatemala

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On my own

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

I arrived at night by myself as Dave, Dave and Jan had gotten stuck in Dallas after being delayed in Denver by the snowstorm. I was picked up by Jose, who didn't speak a word of English. I spoke enough to let him know that he could smoke in the car. He pointed out every Pollo Campero on the main drag. Pollo Campero is like a chicken fast food place with a really cute chicken for a logo. We did not stop to eat at one.
So when we finally arrived in Antigua, I was famished. I hiked out back into town after finally finding the hotel we were booked at... it was pitch black but luckily I had my headlamp. I had no idea where to go and kept walking past bars instead of places that served food. Finally I saw some white people crossing the street and ran over and said, "Hey do you guys know where I can get some food?" It turned out they were fellow Canadians and they kindly directly me to a little hole in the wall, I made it just before the kitchen closed. I had some chow mein that tasted like it had cheese in it (would have been disgusting in any other circumstance, but boy did it taste good that night), and a Gallo (with many more to come).

permalink written by  Joyee on October 26, 2006 from Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
from the travel blog: Guatemala with the Joneses
tagged Antigua and Guatemala

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climbing at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Vista, United States

I think we explored (drove along) most of the lake except for south lake tahoe, which for some reason, a lot of people said was not worth it. Actually stayed in Tahoe City, not Tahoe Vista but google maps doesn't have it!? It's funny to cross the border into United States and instantly see some casinos.

I climbed at the Boulders above the Snowshed at Donner Summit, the Split Boulder near the campground on the road to Donner Lake, and at DL Bliss State park. Checked out the Ladder Boulder, Middle Bliss and North Bliss. Got way too obsessed about problems at Middle Bliss to go anywhere else! Next time, I want to send that reachy V2 and the arete problem (#37). ah, maybe in winter conditions...

also was introduced to the coolest slackline ever, as well as swimming spot. Tahoe is very nice. Tourist season is a bit mad, but the lake is impressive, and there are Boulders galore! I Hope to be back again in November, but we will probably just go to Bishop in Sarah's new impreza!

permalink written by  Joyee on September 10, 2006 from Tahoe Vista, United States
from the travel blog: Lake Tahoe, Summer 2006
tagged Climbing, LakeTahoe and Slacklining

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