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Major Cities and Destinations

((Bishtkamze )), Albania Lac, Albania
Arizaj, Albania Leskovik, Albania
Bajram Curri, Albania Lin, Albania
Barc, Albania Lopc, Albania
Beqiaj, Albania Lukove, Albania
Berat, Albania Lushnje, Albania
Bilisht, Albania Maminas, Albania
Boge, Albania Milan, Albania
Borsh, Albania Nice, Albania
Bushat, Albania Nikc, Albania
Bushat, Albania Nivice, Albania
Bzhete, Albania Oblika e Siperme, Albania
Cinaj, Albania Okol, Albania
Cokaj, Albania Orikum, Albania
Dallashi, Albania Permet, Albania
Dermenas, Albania Piqeras, Albania
Dhermi, Albania Pocem, Albania
Ducaj, Albania Pogradec, Albania
Dukati i Ri, Albania Qazim Pali, Albania
Durres, Albania Qeparo, Albania
Dushku i Madh, Albania Qeparoi i Siperm, Albania
Elbasan, Albania Qerek, Albania
Fangu, Albania Qerret, Albania
Fier, Albania Qinam, Albania
Floq, Albania Radhime, Albania
Floq, Albania Reza e Veshtit, Albania
Floq, Albania Rrape, Albania
Floq, Albania Rreza e Kanalit, Albania
Floq, Albania Sarande, Albania
Frankth, Albania Sen, Albania
Fratar, Albania Sevrani i Madh, Albania
Fravesh, Albania Shale, Albania
Fshat, Albania Sheh, Albania
Gegaj, Albania Shemri, Albania
German, Albania Shkoder, Albania
Gjilek, Albania Shtoji i Vjeter, Albania
Gjirokaster, Albania Shtuf, Albania
Gllava e Vogel, Albania Sqepur, Albania
Grabom, Albania Theth, Albania
Grem, Albania Tirana, Albania
Grem, Albania Tirane, Albania
Himare, Albania Ujete e Ftohte, Albania
Jakaj, Albania Vane, Albania
Kakavije, Albania Vermosh, Albania
Kam, Albania Vlore, Albania
Kavaje, Albania Vrri, Albania
Koman, Albania Xhuhanoj, Albania
Kondaq, Albania Zhej, Albania
Koplik, Albania Zheje, Albania
Korce, Albania Zhepe, Albania
Kruje, Albania Zhepe, Albania
Ksamil, Albania

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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