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Major Cities and Destinations

Aalter, Belgium Jenneret, Belgium
Adseux, Belgium Keerbergen, Belgium
Anseremme, Belgium Kemmel, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium Knokke, Belgium
Antwerpen, Belgium Koningslo, Belgium
Ardooie, Belgium Kortrijk, Belgium
Arlon, Belgium La Roche, Belgium
Bastogne, Belgium Laar, Belgium
Bel, Belgium Langemark, Belgium
Belgrade, Belgium Leemputten, Belgium
Berlin, Belgium Leuven, Belgium
Bilzen, Belgium Liege, Belgium
Boom, Belgium Lierre, Belgium
Bra, Belgium Lil, Belgium
Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium Loen, Belgium
Briahan, Belgium Loie, Belgium
Bru, Belgium Lommel, Belgium
Brugge, Belgium Londerzeel, Belgium
Brugge, Belgium Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Brugge, Belgium Maldegem, Belgium
Brugge, Belgium Malscheid, Belgium
Brussel, Belgium Mean, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium Mechelen, Belgium
Brusselse Voorstad, Belgium Meerhout, Belgium
Brux, Belgium Meigem, Belgium
Bruxelles, Belgium Mesen, Belgium
Burnon, Belgium Messines, Belgium
Cala, Belgium Miami Wijk, Belgium
Canada, Belgium Mol, Belgium
Charleroi, Belgium Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium
Chene, Belgium Mons, Belgium
Chene, Belgium Mons, Belgium
Coron, Belgium Mont Noir, Belgium
Daal, Belgium Montzen, Belgium
Daal, Belgium Namur, Belgium
Dal, Belgium Neep, Belgium
Damme, Belgium Neerbroek, Belgium
De Pinte, Belgium Noidre, Belgium
Diksmuide, Belgium Oostende, Belgium
Duine, Belgium Oostende, Belgium
Egypten, Belgium Otrange, Belgium
Egypten, Belgium Pair, Belgium
Erveau, Belgium Passendale, Belgium
Etbos, Belgium Ploegsteert, Belgium
Fleurus, Belgium Poix, Belgium
Fooz, Belgium Prop, Belgium
Fort, Belgium Puidt, Belgium
Fratin, Belgium Puithoek, Belgium
Frayere, Belgium Puitsarmoede, Belgium
Fter, Belgium Putte, Belgium
Geel, Belgium Puurs, Belgium
Geer, Belgium Redu, Belgium
Geest, Belgium Reet, Belgium
Geetbets, Belgium Reux, Belgium
Geetsvondel, Belgium Rochefort, Belgium
Genk, Belgium Rosselaar, Belgium
Gent, Belgium Roua, Belgium
Genval, Belgium Rupelmonde, Belgium
Ghyssegnies, Belgium Schepdaal, Belgium
Glabbeek, Belgium Seraing, Belgium
Grasheide, Belgium Sirault, Belgium
Grez-Doiceau, Belgium Spa, Belgium
Haasrode, Belgium Statte, Belgium
Haie du Roeulx, Belgium Terbank, Belgium
Hal, Belgium The English Theatre of Bruges, Belgium
Hal, Belgium Tielt, Belgium
Han, Belgium Tournai, Belgium
Hecht, Belgium Trippen, Belgium
Heek, Belgium Ven, Belgium
Heide, Belgium Vien, Belgium
Heide, Belgium Vilvoorde, Belgium
Herentals, Belgium Waterloo Battlefield, Belgium
Heris, Belgium Waver, Belgium
Heverlee, Belgium Werm, Belgium
Hol, Belgium Wervik, Belgium
Holland, Belgium Westvleteren, Belgium
Hoste, Belgium Wevels, Belgium
Hou, Belgium Wezel, Belgium
Houffalize, Belgium Wiekevorstheide, Belgium
Hour, Belgium Wingene, Belgium
Houyet, Belgium Zaventem, Belgium
Hunsel, Belgium Zeebrugge, Belgium
Ieper, Belgium Zillebeke, Belgium
Immer, Belgium Zonhoven, Belgium
Ittre, Belgium Zonnebeke, Belgium

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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