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Major Cities and Destinations

Abed, Denmark Kokseby, Denmark
Abyhoj, Denmark Kolding, Denmark
Adsbol, Denmark Korsor, Denmark
AEbelnaes, Denmark Koster, Denmark
AEroskobing, Denmark Kregme, Denmark
Alborg, Denmark Langeskov, Denmark
Arhus, Denmark Liseby, Denmark
Ase, Denmark Lohals, Denmark
Asferg, Denmark Lonstrup, Denmark
Atte, Denmark Lund, Denmark
Baek, Denmark Lund, Denmark
Billund, Denmark Lund, Denmark
Billund, Denmark Lyngby, Denmark
Birk, Denmark Mosebolle, Denmark
Christiania, Denmark Munkebo, Denmark
Christianshavn, Denmark Naes, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark Naes, Denmark
Daerup, Denmark Naestved, Denmark
Esbjerg, Denmark Niverod, Denmark
Faborg, Denmark Norklit, Denmark
Fare, Denmark Nyborg, Denmark
Farre, Denmark Nyborg, Denmark
Folby, Denmark Nyby, Denmark
Fole, Denmark Nykobing, Denmark
Frankfri, Denmark Odense, Denmark
Fraugde, Denmark Orbaek, Denmark
Fredericia, Denmark Ore, Denmark
Frederiksberg, Denmark Oslos, Denmark
Frederiksberg, Denmark Pennsylvanien, Denmark
Frederikshavn, Denmark Pol, Denmark
Frorup, Denmark Praesto, Denmark
Gedser, Denmark Raerup, Denmark
Gera, Denmark Randers, Denmark
Greve, Denmark Ravnsbjerg, Denmark
Gug, Denmark Ribe, Denmark
Gyrup, Denmark Ringkobing, Denmark
Haderslev, Denmark Ringsted, Denmark
Hafdrup, Denmark Risskov, Denmark
Halskov, Denmark Rom By, Denmark
Hanstholm, Denmark Roskilde, Denmark
Har, Denmark Ry, Denmark
Havdrup, Denmark Saeby, Denmark
Hellerup, Denmark Saeby, Denmark
Helsingor, Denmark Sebbelev, Denmark
Henne Strand, Denmark Sigerslev, Denmark
Herning, Denmark Silkeborg, Denmark
Hillerod, Denmark Sindal, Denmark
Hirtshals, Denmark Skaering, Denmark
Hjorring, Denmark Skagen, Denmark
Hjortshoj, Denmark Skanderborg, Denmark
Hjulby, Denmark Skive, Denmark
Hjulebaek, Denmark Skjoltrup, Denmark
Ho, Denmark Skodstrup, Denmark
Hobro, Denmark Skyum, Denmark
Hoed, Denmark Snave, Denmark
Hom, Denmark Sonder Frenderup, Denmark
Hong, Denmark Sonderborg, Denmark
Hornbaek, Denmark Sondervig, Denmark
Horsens, Denmark Statene, Denmark
Hou, Denmark Stege, Denmark
Hou, Denmark Stro, Denmark
Humble, Denmark Stubbekobing, Denmark
Jaegersborg, Denmark Svendborg, Denmark
Jersie, Denmark Tang, Denmark
Jystrup, Denmark Tappernoje, Denmark
Kalvehave, Denmark Try, Denmark
Karlstrup Strand, Denmark Tversted, Denmark
Kastrup, Denmark Ulslev, Denmark
Kastrup, Denmark Vejle, Denmark
Kerteminde, Denmark Vester Aby, Denmark
Kobenhavn, Denmark Viborg, Denmark
Koge, Denmark Viby, Denmark

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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