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Major Cities and Destinations

Abchekli, Ethiopia Guie, Ethiopia
Abchu, Ethiopia Guyi, Ethiopia
Adama, Ethiopia Hahi, Ethiopia
Adbidora, Ethiopia Hangu, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Harardighet, Ethiopia
Ademe, Ethiopia Harer, Ethiopia
Adigrat, Ethiopia Hawzen, Ethiopia
Adis, Ethiopia Hen, Ethiopia
Adis Abeba, Ethiopia Hena, Ethiopia
Adis Amba, Ethiopia Hena, Ethiopia
Advakel, Ethiopia Hibeno, Ethiopia
Adwa, Ethiopia Hine, Ethiopia
Afu, Ethiopia Hine, Ethiopia
Aksum, Ethiopia Hit'a, Ethiopia
Ala Hago, Ethiopia Homa, Ethiopia
Alash, Ethiopia Hosa'ina, Ethiopia
Ama, Ethiopia Huse, Ethiopia
Amen, Ethiopia Inda Aba Iyosyas, Ethiopia
Amiyo, Ethiopia Info, Ethiopia
Angach'a, Ethiopia Into, Ethiopia
Arba Minch', Ethiopia Jeju, Ethiopia
Asasa, Ethiopia Jer, Ethiopia
Aussa, Ethiopia Jiga, Ethiopia
Awasa, Ethiopia Jima, Ethiopia
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Jinka, Ethiopia
Bite, Ethiopia Ketema Ager, Ethiopia
Buba, Ethiopia Konso, Ethiopia
Carma, Ethiopia Kusa, Ethiopia
Chagne, Ethiopia Lalibela, Ethiopia
Dada, Ethiopia Langano, Ethiopia
Dada, Ethiopia Lobuni, Ethiopia
Dada, Ethiopia Mek'ele, Ethiopia
Daetali, Ethiopia Metema, Ethiopia
Dalol, Ethiopia Mine, Ethiopia
Das, Ethiopia Moyale, Ethiopia
Dasa, Ethiopia Nini, Ethiopia
Debark', Ethiopia Robe, Ethiopia
Debre Birhan, Ethiopia Sata, Ethiopia
Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia Sego, Ethiopia
Dede, Ethiopia Sera, Ethiopia
Dega, Ethiopia Serbo, Ethiopia
Den, Ethiopia Ses, Ethiopia
Dera, Ethiopia Sewa, Ethiopia
Dera, Ethiopia Sewa, Ethiopia
Dera, Ethiopia Shagne, Ethiopia
Dera, Ethiopia Shashemene, Ethiopia
Dera, Ethiopia Sheno, Ethiopia
Deso, Ethiopia Sheno, Ethiopia
Deso, Ethiopia Sheno, Ethiopia
Dewa, Ethiopia Shire, Ethiopia
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia Suba, Ethiopia
Dodola, Ethiopia Sude, Ethiopia
Duse, Ethiopia Tepi, Ethiopia
Eferso, Ethiopia Tera, Ethiopia
Ero, Ethiopia Tira, Ethiopia
Fafa, Ethiopia Turmi, Ethiopia
Fede, Ethiopia Unca, Ethiopia
Fitci, Ethiopia Uoira Baie, Ethiopia
Fite, Ethiopia Uorka, Ethiopia
Fiyat, Ethiopia Uye, Ethiopia
Gedo, Ethiopia Wan, Ethiopia
Geli, Ethiopia Washa, Ethiopia
Gena, Ethiopia Washira, Ethiopia
Gena, Ethiopia Wechon, Ethiopia
Gera, Ethiopia Wegenyi, Ethiopia
Gera, Ethiopia Weldiya, Ethiopia
Gera, Ethiopia Wera, Ethiopia
Gera, Ethiopia Weru, Ethiopia
Geret'ot, Ethiopia Weyba, Ethiopia
Gerrei, Ethiopia Weyo, Ethiopia
Gimja Bet Maryam, Ethiopia Weyt'o, Ethiopia
Giogi, Ethiopia Yabelo, Ethiopia
Giri, Ethiopia Yasa, Ethiopia
Git'a, Ethiopia Yesha, Ethiopia
Gonder, Ethiopia Zena Amba, Ethiopia
Gonder, Ethiopia Zena Bener, Ethiopia
Gor, Ethiopia Ziway, Ethiopia

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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