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Major Cities and Destinations

Aach, Germany Kamp, Germany
Aalen, Germany Kandern, Germany
Achen, Germany Karlsruhe, Germany
Achen, Germany Karlsruhe, Germany
Achim, Germany Kassel, Germany
Aerbeck, Germany Kastellaun, Germany
Aerzen, Germany Kastl, Germany
Afham, Germany Katzenloch, Germany
Agg, Germany Kehl, Germany
Ahm, Germany Kelkheim (Taunus), Germany
Aisch, Germany Kelsterbach, Germany
Aitrach, Germany Kempten, Germany
Alfeld, Germany Kempten, Germany
Allach, Germany Kiefersfelden, Germany
Alling, Germany Kiel, Germany
Alpirsbach, Germany Kiel, Germany
Alse, Germany Kitzingen, Germany
Altenburg, Germany Kius, Germany
Altenkirchen, Germany Kleinmachnow, Germany
Amberg, Germany Klingenthal, Germany
Amerang, Germany Koblenz, Germany
Amern, Germany Koblenz, Germany
Amrichshausen, Germany Kolka, Germany
Amsham, Germany Koln, Germany
Anbau, Germany Konigsee, Germany
Angelse, Germany Konstanz, Germany
Anklam, Germany Korb, Germany
Ansbach, Germany Korb, Germany
Aprath, Germany Korb, Germany
Arnsberg, Germany Koserow, Germany
Arzlohe, Germany Krabichl, Germany
Asbach, Germany Krackow, Germany
Asch, Germany Krakau, Germany
Aschaffenburg, Germany Krakow am See, Germany
Assmannshausen, Germany Kratzeburg, Germany
Asweiler, Germany Krefeld, Germany
Audenschmiede, Germany Kreisfreie Stadt Aachen, Germany
Aue, Germany Kronberg, Germany
Auggen, Germany Laer, Germany
Augsberg, Germany Lahnstein, Germany
Augsburg, Germany Lahr, Germany
Augsburg, Germany Lahre, Germany
Auschkowitz, Germany Lam, Germany
Austen, Germany Landau in der Pfalz, Germany
Bacharach, Germany Landshut, Germany
Bad, Germany Landstuhl, Germany
Bad Aibling, Germany Langenargen, Germany
Bad Fussing, Germany Langenfeld, Germany
Bad Grund, Germany Langenhorn, Germany
Bad Kohlgrub, Germany Larz, Germany
Bad Langensalza, Germany Lauffenmuhle, Germany
Bad Munstereifel, Germany Lauingen, Germany
Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany Lauingen, Germany
Bad Salzig, Germany Lauter, Germany
Bad Urach, Germany Lauterbad, Germany
Bad Wildbad im Schwarzwald, Germany Lauterbrunn, Germany
Baden-Baden, Germany Lautertal, Germany
Badenweiler, Germany Lautzenhausen, Germany
Baek, Germany Leer, Germany
Baiersbronn, Germany Leipzig, Germany
Bamberg, Germany Leverkusen, Germany
Bansin Dorf, Germany Leverkusen, Germany
Battenberg, Germany Lichtenstein, Germany
Baumholder, Germany Liedern, Germany
Bayerisch Eisenstein, Germany Lindau, Germany
Bayreuth, Germany Lindau, Germany
Bega, Germany Linderhof, Germany
Beihingen, Germany Linz, Germany
Beilngries, Germany Lohhof, Germany
Beiningen, Germany Loit, Germany
Beinum, Germany Lorrach, Germany
Bellin, Germany Lorsch, Germany
Bendorf, Germany Losa, Germany
Berchtesgaden, Germany Losau, Germany
Berghol, Germany Losau, Germany
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany Lubeck, Germany
Berl, Germany Luckow, Germany
Berlin, Germany Luderitz, Germany
Berlin, Germany Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
Berliner Vorstadt, Germany Lugau, Germany
Bern, Germany Lugau, Germany
Bernkastel-Kues, Germany Lund, Germany
Beuchte, Germany Luneburg, Germany
Beul, Germany Luxem, Germany
Beuren am Ried, Germany Magdeburg, Germany
Biedenkopf, Germany Maina, Germany
Biel, Germany Mainz, Germany
Bielefeld, Germany Mainz, Germany
Bingen am Rhein, Germany Maitenbeth, Germany
Bippen, Germany Mannheim, Germany
Birkenau, Germany Marburg an der Lahn, Germany
Birkingen, Germany Maxau, Germany
Bitburg, Germany Mayen, Germany
Blee, Germany Meckenbeuren, Germany
Blicken, Germany Meersburg, Germany
Blomberg, Germany Meiningen, Germany
Bochum, Germany Memmingen, Germany
Boisheim, Germany Meppen, Germany
Bonn, Germany Messstetten, Germany
Boppard, Germany Metzingen, Germany
Boppard, Germany Metzingen Kreis Reutlingen, Germany
Bosten, Germany Miltenberg, Germany
Bottrop, Germany Minden, Germany
Braunschweig, Germany Minden, Germany
Breckerfeld, Germany Mittelgrundau, Germany
Breisach am Rhein, Germany Mittenwald, Germany
Breitbrunn am Chiemsee, Germany Mockau, Germany
Brem, Germany Moers, Germany
Bremen, Germany Monchengladbach, Germany
Bremen, Germany Monkebude, Germany
Bremerhaven, Germany Monschau, Germany
Brewitz, Germany Monsheim, Germany
Brohl-Lutzing, Germany Morfelden-Walldorf, Germany
Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Germany Mosbach, Germany
Bruchsal, Germany Mosel, Germany
Bruder, Germany Moxa, Germany
Bruhl, Germany Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Brunsbuttel, Germany Munchen, Germany
Buggow, Germany Munchen, Germany
Buhl, Germany Munchen, Germany
Bunsoh, Germany Munchs, Germany
Burghausen, Germany Munich, Germany
Burghausen, Germany Munster, Germany
Burgkirchen an der Alz, Germany Munster, Germany
Butzow, Germany Munster, Germany
Celle, Germany Munster, Germany
Chemnitz, Germany Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany
Chiemsee, Germany Naab, Germany
Chur, Germany Nack, Germany
Clingen, Germany Nack, Germany
Clues, Germany Nauen, Germany
Coburg, Germany Neef, Germany
Coburg, Germany Neida, Germany
Cochem, Germany Nerdlen, Germany
Cologne, Germany Neu Kosenow, Germany
Coswig, Germany Neubrandenburg, Germany
Cottbus, Germany Neubukow, Germany
Creez, Germany Neuensorg, Germany
Creglingen, Germany Neuensorg, Germany
Cuxhaven, Germany Neuenstein, Germany
Daaden, Germany Neuschwetzingen, Germany
Daasdorf, Germany Neuss, Germany
Dachau, Germany Neustrelitz, Germany
Daensen, Germany Nexdorf, Germany
Daerstorf, Germany Nieby, Germany
Damp, Germany Niederkassel, Germany
Darmstadt, Germany Niedernhausen, Germany
Dauchingen, Germany Niedersteinbach, Germany
Deensen, Germany Niep, Germany
Degerloch, Germany Nittel, Germany
Deggendorf, Germany Nordenham, Germany
Dessau, Germany Nordhorn, Germany
Detmold, Germany Nordlingen, Germany
Diepholz, Germany Norken, Germany
Dies, Germany Nortorf, Germany
Dietingen, Germany Nurburg, Germany
Diez, Germany Nurnberg, Germany
Dinkelsbuhl, Germany Nust, Germany
Dinslaken, Germany Oberhaus, Germany
Donauworth, Germany Oberhausen, Germany
Dong, Germany Oberlorick, Germany
Dorsten, Germany Oberlungwitz, Germany
Dortmund, Germany Oberstaufen, Germany
Dossel, Germany Oberwesel, Germany
Dresden, Germany Oegeln, Germany
Duderstadt, Germany Offenau, Germany
Duisburg, Germany Offenbach, Germany
Dussel, Germany Offenburg, Germany
Dusseldorf, Germany Oie, Germany
Dusslingen, Germany Oldenburg, Germany
Eberbach, Germany Oranienburg, Germany
Eberswalde, Germany Ork, Germany
Ebnat, Germany Osdorf, Germany
Ebrach, Germany Osnabruck, Germany
Ebsdorf, Germany Ostseebad Zinnowitz, Germany
Edersee, Germany Ottenfeld, Germany
Eggingen, Germany Otzenhausen, Germany
Egterholz, Germany Oxing, Germany
Egypten, Germany Oy-Mittelberg, Germany
Eich, Germany Paderborn, Germany
Eime, Germany Paffrath, Germany
Einbeck, Germany Papenburg, Germany
Eisenach, Germany Passau, Germany
Eisenach, Germany Peenedamm, Germany
Eitorf, Germany Peenemunde, Germany
Elmshorn, Germany Peine, Germany
Eltville, Germany Peking, Germany
Emden, Germany Pepelow, Germany
Emmendingen, Germany Pfaffenweiler, Germany
End, Germany Pforzheim, Germany
End, Germany Pirna, Germany
Eng, Germany Plauen, Germany
Enge, Germany Plon, Germany
Engelskirchen, Germany Podrosche, Germany
England, Germany Potsdam, Germany
England, Germany Prex, Germany
Engle, Germany Pritzwalk, Germany
Englod, Germany Pulheim, Germany
Ennepetal, Germany Putbus, Germany
Enzers, Germany Queidersbach, Germany
Epe, Germany Queis, Germany
Erbach, Germany Raba, Germany
Erbe, Germany Rammenau, Germany
Erbendorf, Germany Ramstein, Germany
Erfde, Germany Randen, Germany
Erfurt, Germany Ratingen, Germany
Ergeshausen, Germany Raubling, Germany
Erlangen, Germany Rechlin, Germany
Erter, Germany Recklinghausen, Germany
Eschborn, Germany Rees, Germany
Eschwege, Germany Regensberg, Germany
Eslarn, Germany Regensburg, Germany
Essen, Germany Reisensburg, Germany
Essen, Germany Relzow, Germany
Euskirchen, Germany Remscheid, Germany
Faid, Germany Reutlingen, Germany
Fallersleben, Germany Rhede, Germany
Fang, Germany Rheinbach, Germany
Fehmarnsund, Germany Riedheim, Germany
Fellbach, Germany Rinteln, Germany
Fichtenau, Germany Roes, Germany
Flanitz, Germany Roggentin, Germany
Flensburg, Germany Roland, Germany
Flintsbach, Germany Rom, Germany
Floh, Germany Rom, Germany
Forbach, Germany Rom, Germany
Frankau, Germany Rosenheim, Germany
Frankel, Germany Rosenheim, Germany
Franken, Germany Rostock, Germany
Franken, Germany Rothenberg, Germany
Franken, Germany Rothenberg, Germany
Frankenburg, Germany Rothenberg, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany Rothenburg, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany Rothenburg, Germany
Frankfurt Airport, Germany Rothenburg, Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Frankfurter Vorstadt, Germany Rudesheim, Germany
Franking, Germany Rudesheim am Rhein, Germany
Franzenshof, Germany Rudingsdorf, Germany
Frath, Germany Rust, Germany
Frath, Germany Saarbrucken, Germany
Frath, Germany Saarlouis, Germany
Fratow, Germany Saas, Germany
Frauenau, Germany Salsitz, Germany
Frechen, Germany Salzbergen, Germany
Frede, Germany Salzburg, Germany
Freest, Germany Sankt Goar, Germany
Freetz, Germany Sasbachwalden, Germany
Freiberg, Germany Schaffhausen, Germany
Freiberg, Germany Scheessel, Germany
Freiburg, Germany Schermbeck, Germany
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany Schierstein, Germany
Freudenstadt, Germany Schillingsrott, Germany
Frickenhausen, Germany Schkeuditz, Germany
Friedberg, Germany Schleswig, Germany
Friedberg, Germany Schlupfing, Germany
Friedensau, Germany Schonaich, Germany
Friedrichsdorf, Germany Schoneberg, Germany
Friedrichsdorf, Germany Schonegrund, Germany
Fuhr, Germany Schongau, Germany
Fulda, Germany Schonmunzach, Germany
Furstenberg, Germany Schwabing, Germany
Furth, Germany Schwabisch Hall, Germany
Furtwangen, Germany Schwalbach, Germany
Fussen, Germany Schwangau, Germany
Fussen, Germany Schweich, Germany
Futzen, Germany Schweinfurt, Germany
Garching bei Munchen, Germany Schwerin, Germany
Garmisch, Germany Seck, Germany
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany See, Germany
Gauting, Germany See, Germany
Geel, Germany See, Germany
Gees, Germany Seebad Ahlbeck, Germany
Geest, Germany Seebad Heringsdorf, Germany
Gegensee, Germany Seehof, Germany
Geich, Germany Segendorf, Germany
Geislingen an der Steige, Germany Selbitz, Germany
Gelsenkirchen, Germany Sendschotten, Germany
Geltendorf, Germany Serba, Germany
Gera, Germany Sickenhausen, Germany
Germannsdorf, Germany Siegen, Germany
Gernsbach, Germany Sindelfingen, Germany
Gerterode, Germany Sohren, Germany
Gerterode, Germany Solingen, Germany
Gerthe, Germany Spandau, Germany
Gertitz, Germany Spangdahlem, Germany
Gerwisch, Germany Speele, Germany
Giessen, Germany Speyer, Germany
Gifhorn, Germany Stade, Germany
Glum, Germany Stadthagen, Germany
Gnarrenburg, Germany Starnberg, Germany
Gohren, Germany Staufen, Germany
Goldbach, Germany Staufen, Germany
Gomaringen, Germany Steinbach, Germany
Goppingen, Germany Steinfeld, Germany
Gorlitz, Germany Stendal, Germany
Goslar, Germany Stich, Germany
Gossmannsrode, Germany Stieg, Germany
Gottingen, Germany Stralsund, Germany
Gottingen, Germany Strasburg, Germany
Grafenhainichen, Germany Straubing, Germany
Grainau, Germany Strausberg, Germany
Green, Germany Stuhlingen, Germany
Greifswald, Germany Stuhr, Germany
Gries, Germany Stuttgart, Germany
Grod, Germany Sudrandweg, Germany
Gross Quassow, Germany Suhl, Germany
Gross Woltersdorf, Germany Sulzbach, Germany
Grub, Germany Sulzbach, Germany
Grub, Germany Sulzbach, Germany
Grub, Germany Sulzemoos, Germany
Grumbach, Germany Supplingen, Germany
Gundelsheim, Germany Suxdorf, Germany
Gunzenhausen, Germany Sydow, Germany
Gustrow, Germany Tack, Germany
Haan, Germany Tengen, Germany
Hagen, Germany Thailen, Germany
Hahn, Germany Thal, Germany
Hahn, Germany Thie, Germany
Haid, Germany Thuringenhausen, Germany
Haid, Germany Tiergarten, Germany
Hainichen, Germany Titisee, Germany
Halle, Germany Titisee-Neustadt, Germany
Hambuch, Germany Todtnau, Germany
Hamburg, Germany Traben-Trarbach, Germany
Hamburgerdeich, Germany Trag, Germany
Hamburg-Mitte, Germany Travemunde, Germany
Hameln, Germany Treffurt, Germany
Hamerstorf, Germany Treuchtlingen, Germany
Hamm, Germany Triberg, Germany
Hamm, Germany Trier, Germany
Hamm, Germany Tubingen, Germany
Hamm, Germany Tübingen, Germany
Hamminkeln, Germany Tuttlingen, Germany
Hanchen, Germany Uberlingen, Germany
Hannover, Germany Ueckermunde, Germany
Hannover, Germany Uesen, Germany
Hannoversch Munden, Germany Uhlbach, Germany
Haren, Germany Ulm, Germany
Hattingen, Germany Unteruhldingen, Germany
Haubach, Germany Usadel, Germany
Haus, Germany Usdorf, Germany
Hausach, Germany Vaake, Germany
Havixbeck, Germany Vallendar, Germany
Hechenberg, Germany Viersen, Germany
Hechingen, Germany Vilseck, Germany
Heeg, Germany Vohenstrauss, Germany
Hefel, Germany Vorst, Germany
Hege, Germany Vreden, Germany
Heid, Germany Waal, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany Wadgassen, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany Wagenfeld, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany Waidhaus, Germany
Heilbronn, Germany Waidhofen, Germany
Heilham, Germany Wain, Germany
Hennef, Germany Waldkirch, Germany
Hennigsdorf, Germany Waldshut, Germany
Herb, Germany Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany
Herdecke, Germany Wallersheim, Germany
Herdorf, Germany Wallgau, Germany
Herl, Germany Waren, Germany
Herne, Germany Warnemunde, Germany
Herrenberg, Germany Wasdow, Germany
Herringhausen, Germany Wedding, Germany
Herrnhut, Germany Wega, Germany
Herrstein, Germany Weiden, Germany
Hessenburg, Germany Weidhausen bei Coburg, Germany
Hildesheim, Germany Weil, Germany
Hilgert, Germany Weil, Germany
Hilzingen, Germany Weil, Germany
Himmelreich, Germany Weilerbach, Germany
Hino, Germany Weimar, Germany
Hinterhermsdorf, Germany Weimar, Germany
Hintersee, Germany Weinheim, Germany
Hof, Germany Weinstadt-Endersbach, Germany
Hof, Germany Weissenburg, Germany
Hofgeismar, Germany Weisskirchen, Germany
Hohenschwangau, Germany Well, Germany
Hohensee, Germany Weng, Germany
Hohentengen, Germany Weng, Germany
Hohentwiel, Germany Weng, Germany
Hohnstein, Germany Weng, Germany
Holland, Germany Wentrup, Germany
Holle, Germany Werl, Germany
Homberg, Germany Werl, Germany
Honhardt, Germany Werschau, Germany
Horlach, Germany Wertheim, Germany
Horle, Germany Wertingen, Germany
Host, Germany Werwe, Germany
Hude, Germany Wesendahl, Germany
Hueb, Germany Weste, Germany
Huf, Germany Westerland, Germany
Hufingen, Germany Weyhausen, Germany
Huje, Germany Wies, Germany
Husum, Germany Wiesbaden, Germany
Huxahl, Germany Wiesenfeld, Germany
Huy, Germany Winningen, Germany
Idar-Oberstein, Germany Wismar, Germany
Ihne, Germany Wismar, Germany
Immecke, Germany Wismar, Germany
Immen, Germany Wispelt, Germany
Immen, Germany Witten, Germany
Immer, Germany Wittlich, Germany
Immert, Germany Wogau, Germany
Imming, Germany Wohlde, Germany
Ingolstadt, Germany Wohle, Germany
Ingolstadt, Germany Wolfsburg, Germany
Innach, Germany Wolgasterfahre, Germany
Irchwitz, Germany Worms, Germany
Iserlohn, Germany Worth am Main, Germany
Itzehoe, Germany Wremen, Germany
Japenzin, Germany Wuhlheide, Germany
Jarplund, Germany Wuppertal, Germany
Jena, Germany Wurzberg, Germany
Jerusalem, Germany Wurzburg, Germany
Jesau, Germany Wustrow, Germany
Jessen, Germany Zaase, Germany
Jessen, Germany Zandt, Germany
Jessen, Germany Zehdenick, Germany
Jessin, Germany Zell, Germany
Jork, Germany Zempin, Germany
Jungholzhausen, Germany Zingst, Germany
Kaarst, Germany Zittau, Germany
Kaiserslautern, Germany Zweibrucken, Germany
Kall, Germany

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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