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Major Cities and Destinations

Acs, Hungary Keszthely, Hungary
Agfalva, Hungary Kiskunhalas, Hungary
Aggtelek, Hungary Legend, Hungary
Asotthalom, Hungary Mako, Hungary
Asztag-ko, Hungary Mariaannapuszta, Hungary
Balassagyarmat, Hungary Maroc, Hungary
Balaton, Hungary Miskolc, Hungary
Balatonfured, Hungary Mohacs, Hungary
Ber, Hungary Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary Nagykanizsa, Hungary
Cece, Hungary Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
Csala, Hungary Nyul, Hungary
Csany, Hungary Ofoldeak, Hungary
Csata, Hungary Papa, Hungary
Csep, Hungary Patakfold, Hungary
Dad, Hungary Pecs, Hungary
Debrecen, Hungary Preskert, Hungary
Deg, Hungary Rackeve, Hungary
Diosgyor, Hungary Rajka, Hungary
Ecs, Hungary Ret, Hungary
Eger, Hungary Ret, Hungary
Eger, Hungary Revfulop, Hungary
Egyed, Hungary Scherbhaz, Hungary
Egyhazapuszta, Hungary Seregelyes, Hungary
Eotvosi Tanyak, Hungary Siofok, Hungary
Erd, Hungary Soltvadkert, Hungary
Ertem, Hungary Sopron, Hungary
Esztergom, Hungary Szabadegyhaza, Hungary
Fadd, Hungary Szarvas, Hungary
Fancs, Hungary Szeged, Hungary
Fancsal, Hungary Szekesfehervar, Hungary
Fancsika, Hungary Szentendre, Hungary
Ferto, Hungary Szentgotthard, Hungary
Fonyod, Hungary Sziget, Hungary
Fuzes, Hungary Szigetszentmiklos, Hungary
Gizellatelep, Hungary Szodliget, Hungary
Gyor, Hungary Szolnok, Hungary
Gyula, Hungary Szombathely, Hungary
Gyulaj, Hungary Tata, Hungary
Gyulas, Hungary Tihany, Hungary
Gyuro, Hungary Tok, Hungary
Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary Tokaj, Hungary
Hered, Hungary Vac, Hungary
Heviz, Hungary Var, Hungary
Hortobagy, Hungary Varpalota, Hungary
Inta, Hungary Venek, Hungary
Kalocsa, Hungary Veszprem, Hungary
Kam, Hungary Visegrad, Hungary
Kecskemet, Hungary Zalaszentlaszlo, Hungary
Kehidakustany, Hungary

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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