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Major Cities and Destinations

Akkent, Kazakhstan Los', Kazakhstan
Aktau, Kazakhstan Mankent, Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan Mes, Kazakhstan
Almaty, Kazakhstan Oral, Kazakhstan
Aqtasty, Kazakhstan Oskemen, Kazakhstan
Aqtobe, Kazakhstan Otar, Kazakhstan
Aral, Kazakhstan Peremetnoe, Kazakhstan
Aral'sk, Kazakhstan Qarabutaq, Kazakhstan
Arys', Kazakhstan Qulan, Kazakhstan
Asha, Kazakhstan Qyzylorda, Kazakhstan
Astana, Kazakhstan Rudnyy, Kazakhstan
Astana, Kazakhstan Sarkand, Kazakhstan
Atbasar, Kazakhstan Saryshagan, Kazakhstan
Atyrau, Kazakhstan Semey, Kazakhstan
Balqash, Kazakhstan Semiglavyy Mar, Kazakhstan
Bayghanin, Kazakhstan Sharyn, Kazakhstan
Berlik, Kazakhstan Shipovo, Kazakhstan
Beyneu, Kazakhstan Shonzhy, Kazakhstan
Bostan, Kazakhstan Shu, Kazakhstan
Chelgashi, Kazakhstan Shuak, Kazakhstan
Chelkar, Kazakhstan Sochinskoe, Kazakhstan
Chingirlau, Kazakhstan Syugaty, Kazakhstan
Chu, Kazakhstan Taraz, Kazakhstan
Dzhalagash, Kazakhstan Tarbaghatay, Kazakhstan
Dzhusaly, Kazakhstan Timurskiy, Kazakhstan
Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan Tobol, Kazakhstan
Emba, Kazakhstan Toguzak, Kazakhstan
Enbekty, Kazakhstan Tok, Kazakhstan
Ertis, Kazakhstan Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Esil, Kazakhstan Turkistan, Kazakhstan
Georgievka, Kazakhstan Tuz, Kazakhstan
Gertsena, Kazakhstan Tyube, Kazakhstan
Italy, Kazakhstan Usachevo, Kazakhstan
Kandagach, Kazakhstan Usak, Kazakhstan
Karaganda, Kazakhstan Uytas, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Yaysan, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Yeshkilikurday, Kazakhstan
Kopa, Kazakhstan Zhaltyr, Kazakhstan
Koybagar, Kazakhstan Zhanay, Kazakhstan
Kurshim, Kazakhstan Zhansugirov, Kazakhstan
Kushmurun, Kazakhstan Zhenis, Kazakhstan
Kustanayskiy, Kazakhstan Zhosaly, Kazakhstan
Lay, Kazakhstan Zhylandy, Kazakhstan

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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