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Major Cities and Destinations

Chefe Muzamane, Mozambique Istambul, Mozambique
Aissa, Mozambique Jana, Mozambique
Aiupa, Mozambique Japo, Mozambique
Amade, Mozambique Jeperene, Mozambique
Amea, Mozambique Jiua, Mozambique
America, Mozambique Joao, Mozambique
Amisse, Mozambique Jojo, Mozambique
Aquida, Mozambique Juijo, Mozambique
Asse, Mozambique Juiz, Mozambique
Bava, Mozambique Laco, Mozambique
Beira, Mozambique Lichinga, Mozambique
Bire, Mozambique Londane, Mozambique
Cabo Alia, Mozambique Londo, Mozambique
Cadas, Mozambique Lumbo, Mozambique
Cadi, Mozambique Maca, Mozambique
Cala, Mozambique Magoanine, Mozambique
Cale, Mozambique Mana, Mozambique
Calia, Mozambique Mandimba, Mozambique
Caliua, Mozambique Maputo, Mozambique
Canada Dry, Mozambique Maputo, Mozambique
Catemba, Mozambique Marracuene, Mozambique
Cava, Mozambique Massingir, Mozambique
Chabo, Mozambique Maxixe, Mozambique
Chado, Mozambique Meco, Mozambique
Chaga, Mozambique Meia, Mozambique
Chaine, Mozambique Meia, Mozambique
Chea, Mozambique Meque, Mozambique
Cheane, Mozambique Meta, Mozambique
Chena, Mozambique Michael, Mozambique
Chengao, Mozambique Mnazi, Mozambique
Chianane, Mozambique Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique
Chica, Mozambique Monapo, Mozambique
Chicaca, Mozambique Mufa, Mozambique
Chicago, Mozambique Muia, Mozambique
Chicogo, Mozambique Muio, Mozambique
Chiirre, Mozambique Nacala, Mozambique
Chimoio, Mozambique Namaacha, Mozambique
China, Mozambique Nampula, Mozambique
Chinaane, Mozambique Namuiranga, Mozambique
Chinagane, Mozambique Nanjua, Mozambique
Chine, Mozambique Nanjua, Mozambique
Chinfumbe, Mozambique Nheela, Mozambique
Chinga, Mozambique Nido, Mozambique
Chinga, Mozambique Nina, Mozambique
Chonga, Mozambique Niuea, Mozambique
Chua, Mozambique Niuta, Mozambique
Citi, Mozambique Noua, Mozambique
Comela, Mozambique Opo, Mozambique
Conga, Mozambique Palma, Mozambique
Costa, Mozambique Pemba, Mozambique
Cuamba, Mozambique Pemba, Mozambique
Cura, Mozambique Popa, Mozambique
Dava, Mozambique Pota, Mozambique
David, Mozambique Praia do Tofo, Mozambique
Dira, Mozambique Puia, Mozambique
Dondo, Mozambique Puiti, Mozambique
Engliche, Mozambique Puto, Mozambique
Fadecuane, Mozambique Quali, Mozambique
Fero, Mozambique Quelimane, Mozambique
Flor, Mozambique Quissanga, Mozambique
Franca, Mozambique Quita, Mozambique
Franca, Mozambique Reva, Mozambique
France, Mozambique Seda, Mozambique
Frank, Mozambique Seia, Mozambique
Fred, Mozambique Suze, Mozambique
Fredo, Mozambique Taca, Mozambique
Fuiene, Mozambique Tai, Mozambique
Gera, Mozambique Taninga, Mozambique
Gondola, Mozambique Tete, Mozambique
Gorongosa, Mozambique Tiane, Mozambique
Gupo, Mozambique Tomas Dode, Mozambique
I. Chavane, Mozambique Tutuca, Mozambique
Ilha de Mocambique, Mozambique Uadaga, Mozambique
Inchope, Mozambique Uaela, Mozambique
India, Mozambique Uasse, Mozambique
Inhambane, Mozambique Usa, Mozambique
Inhassoro, Mozambique Vilankulo, Mozambique
Inquingir, Mozambique Vilankulo, Mozambique
Inrera, Mozambique Vuiane, Mozambique
Inrule, Mozambique Xai-Xai, Mozambique
Intepia, Mozambique Ximo, Mozambique
Iraque, Mozambique Xinico, Mozambique

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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