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Major Cities and Destinations

Aba, Nigeria Indo, Nigeria
Abakaliki, Nigeria Iraki, Nigeria
Abar, Nigeria Irana, Nigeria
Abeokuta, Nigeria Iranla, Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria Irapa, Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria Iseyin, Nigeria
Abuja, Nigeria Ita, Nigeria
Ada, Nigeria Iwo, Nigeria
Adda, Nigeria Jada, Nigeria
Ade, Nigeria Jan, Nigeria
Adnami, Nigeria Jana, Nigeria
Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria Jebba, Nigeria
Aernan, Nigeria Jedi, Nigeria
Aga, Nigeria Jen, Nigeria
Agba, Nigeria Jenyau, Nigeria
Agba, Nigeria Jer, Nigeria
Ahi, Nigeria Jere, Nigeria
Ajaokuta, Nigeria Jere, Nigeria
Ajuba, Nigeria Jidu, Nigeria
Akwa, Nigeria Jili, Nigeria
Akwanga, Nigeria Jimeta, Nigeria
Ala, Nigeria Jore, Nigeria
Alasa, Nigeria Kabba, Nigeria
Alasia, Nigeria Kaduna, Nigeria
Amen, Nigeria Kafa, Nigeria
Amere, Nigeria Kairi, Nigeria
Ameri, Nigeria Kan, Nigeria
Amolor, Nigeria Kano, Nigeria
Are, Nigeria Katsina, Nigeria
Argungu, Nigeria Kebbi, Nigeria
Aria, Nigeria Kena, Nigeria
Asa, Nigeria Kiel, Nigeria
Asa, Nigeria Koh, Nigeria
Asa, Nigeria Kopa, Nigeria
Asa, Nigeria Kor, Nigeria
Asa Egba, Nigeria Kor, Nigeria
Ase, Nigeria Kwali, Nigeria
Ase, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria
Asi, Nigeria Ledi, Nigeria
Asokoro, Nigeria Liba, Nigeria
Atar, Nigeria Lium, Nigeria
Auno, Nigeria Lodo, Nigeria
Ausa, Nigeria London, Nigeria
Awe, Nigeria Lyo, Nigeria
Aye, Nigeria Mada, Nigeria
Ayebabiri, Nigeria Madagali, Nigeria
Bali, Nigeria Maiduguri, Nigeria
Bali, Nigeria Mam, Nigeria
Bali, Nigeria Mami, Nigeria
Bang, Nigeria Mana, Nigeria
Benin-City, Nigeria Meke, Nigeria
Biliri, Nigeria Mera, Nigeria
Bin Yauri, Nigeria Miama, Nigeria
Boga, Nigeria Mike, Nigeria
Bre, Nigeria Mima, Nigeria
Byaku, Nigeria Minna, Nigeria
Calabar, Nigeria Moba, Nigeria
Chana, Nigeria Mokwa, Nigeria
Che, Nigeria Mulia, Nigeria
Chea, Nigeria Muma, Nigeria
Cheako, Nigeria Mushin, Nigeria
Chealeva, Nigeria Nade, Nigeria
Chena, Nigeria Namu, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria Nanka, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria Nbela, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria Ne Eshe, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria Neni, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria Ner, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria New Yanke, Nigeria
Chia, Nigeria New Yunmu, Nigeria
Chiga, Nigeria Ningi, Nigeria
Chinade, Nigeria Njine, Nigeria
Chingabe, Nigeria Nkap, Nigeria
Chong, Nigeria Nnamg, Nigeria
Chongo, Nigeria Nok, Nigeria
Dada, Nigeria Nor, Nigeria
Dada, Nigeria Nor, Nigeria
Dada, Nigeria North, Nigeria
Dada, Nigeria Nrima, Nigeria
Damaturu, Nigeria Ntrigom, Nigeria
Dambam, Nigeria Nya, Nigeria
Danmako, Nigeria Obolo, Nigeria
Dass, Nigeria Ohike, Nigeria
Deba, Nigeria Ohio, Nigeria
Deede, Nigeria Oluku, Nigeria
Dela, Nigeria Omotosho, Nigeria
Deli, Nigeria Onitsha, Nigeria
Deli, Nigeria Ore, Nigeria
Dera, Nigeria Osogbo, Nigeria
Dera, Nigeria Otukpo, Nigeria
Difa, Nigeria Owerri, Nigeria
Din, Nigeria Oyo, Nigeria
Disi, Nigeria Ozu Abam, Nigeria
Duba, Nigeria Pai, Nigeria
Dutse, Nigeria Pai, Nigeria
Ede, Nigeria Paki, Nigeria
Edun, Nigeria Paki, Nigeria
Elele, Nigeria Pari, Nigeria
Enugu, Nigeria Pbale Banteka, Nigeria
Enyi, Nigeria Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Epe, Nigeria Potiskum, Nigeria
Ere, Nigeria Resa, Nigeria
Essa, Nigeria Riba, Nigeria
Eye, Nigeria Safa, Nigeria
Fada, Nigeria Safa, Nigeria
Fada, Nigeria Sanfo, Nigeria
Fadi, Nigeria Sata, Nigeria
Faga, Nigeria Sebe, Nigeria
Fai, Nigeria Seh, Nigeria
Faka, Nigeria Ser, Nigeria
Fake, Nigeria Serti, Nigeria
Fanga, Nigeria Shana, Nigeria
Federe, Nigeria Shana, Nigeria
Fenge, Nigeria Shanga, Nigeria
Feri, Nigeria Shen, Nigeria
Feta, Nigeria Shira, Nigeria
Fole, Nigeria Shua, Nigeria
Foli, Nigeria Sokoto, Nigeria
Funtua, Nigeria Suida, Nigeria
Fwoge, Nigeria Surr, Nigeria
Gab, Nigeria Swam, Nigeria
Gada, Nigeria Swem, Nigeria
Gada, Nigeria Tena, Nigeria
Gao, Nigeria Tifi, Nigeria
Gar, Nigeria Tilegu, Nigeria
Gar, Nigeria Tyokoho, Nigeria
Gar, Nigeria Uda, Nigeria
Ger, Nigeria Uda, Nigeria
Gere, Nigeria Uda, Nigeria
Gerti, Nigeria Ugep, Nigeria
Gesa, Nigeria Ughelli, Nigeria
Gesa, Nigeria Umuahia, Nigeria
Giyawa, Nigeria Usa, Nigeria
Giza, Nigeria Usaa, Nigeria
Giza, Nigeria Usaa, Nigeria
Gor, Nigeria Usaa, Nigeria
Guba, Nigeria Use, Nigeria
Gudu, Nigeria Ussa, Nigeria
Gugu, Nigeria Ute, Nigeria
Gusau, Nigeria Ver, Nigeria
Gweeak, Nigeria wakaman home, Nigeria
Gyura, Nigeria Warri, Nigeria
Haha, Nigeria Wase, Nigeria
Hal, Nigeria Washim, Nigeria
Hange, Nigeria Werija, Nigeria
Hawal, Nigeria Whada, Nigeria
Hena, Nigeria Wiikwe Luekon, Nigeria
Hong, Nigeria Wukari, Nigeria
Hong, Nigeria Wuyo, Nigeria
Huda, Nigeria Yaan, Nigeria
Human, Nigeria Yan Daura, Nigeria
Huyum, Nigeria Yememi, Nigeria
Ibadan, Nigeria Yina, Nigeria
Ibeto, Nigeria Yinda, Nigeria
Ife, Nigeria Yiononge, Nigeria
Ikeja, Nigeria Yirum, Nigeria
Ikom, Nigeria Yor, Nigeria
Illo, Nigeria Zamfarawa, Nigeria
Ilorin, Nigeria Zaria, Nigeria
Ilorin, Nigeria Zham, Nigeria
Indiachi, Nigeria Zore, Nigeria
Indingele, Nigeria

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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