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Major Cities and Destinations

Adjud, Romania Harghita-Bai, Romania
Agnita, Romania Heci, Romania
Aiud, Romania Herghelia, Romania
Alba Iulia, Romania Heria, Romania
Andreiasu de Jos, Romania Hreasca, Romania
Arad, Romania Hreatca, Romania
Argintari, Romania Hunedoara, Romania
Arieseni, Romania Iasi, Romania
Auseu, Romania Ineu, Romania
Babadag, Romania Ionascu, Romania
Bacau, Romania Iosas, Romania
Baia Mare, Romania Iosia, Romania
Baiesa, Romania Istria, Romania
Baile Felix, Romania Izvoru Muntelui, Romania
Baile Herculane, Romania Jiana, Romania
Ban, Romania Jiet, Romania
Baneasa, Romania Jilava, Romania
Barbusa, Romania Jina, Romania
Barcea, Romania Jiul, Romania
Barsana, Romania Lazaret, Romania
Barticesti, Romania Ludus, Romania
Beia, Romania Lugoj, Romania
Beiu, Romania Luna, Romania
Berca, Romania Lupeni, Romania
Beta, Romania Mangalia, Romania
Bicaz, Romania Medgidia, Romania
Bicaz, Romania Medias, Romania
Biertan, Romania Meia, Romania
Birlad, Romania Mica, Romania
Birsana, Romania Miercurea Nirajului, Romania
Bistrita, Romania Motca, Romania
Bistrita, Romania Mugeni, Romania
Blaj, Romania Nadlac, Romania
Bors, Romania Nana, Romania
Borsa, Romania Negru Voda, Romania
Borsa, Romania Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania
Botosani, Romania Onesti, Romania
Brad, Romania Oradea, Romania
Brad, Romania Orastie, Romania
Braila, Romania Palanga, Romania
Bran, Romania Petrosani, Romania
Brasov, Romania Piatra Neamt, Romania
Breb, Romania Pitesti, Romania
Bucharest, Romania Ploiesti, Romania
Bucuresti, Romania Potoc, Romania
Bucuresti, Romania Predeal, Romania
Buda, Romania Prod, Romania
Budesti, Romania Putna, Romania
Buia, Romania Racosu de Jos, Romania
Bursuc, Romania Radauti, Romania
Buzau, Romania Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
C.A. Rosetti, Romania Reea, Romania
Cadaci, Romania Roandola, Romania
Cadar, Romania Roma, Romania
Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania Roma, Romania
Capud, Romania Roman, Romania
Carnatin, Romania Sabaoani, Romania
Casian, Romania Sacele, Romania
Ceaba, Romania Sagna, Romania
Ceaca, Romania Sapinta, Romania
Ceahlau, Romania Satu Mare, Romania
Cean, Romania Satu Mare, Romania
Chendu, Romania Saulia, Romania
Chendu Mic, Romania Seaca, Romania
Chilia, Romania Seaca, Romania
Cimpinita, Romania Sebis, Romania
Ciorogarla, Romania Ser, Romania
Cisnadioara, Romania Serghis, Romania
Ciulea, Romania Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania
Clit, Romania Sfantu-Gheorghe, Romania
Clit, Romania Sibiu, Romania
Clit, Romania Sic, Romania
Cluj-Napoca, Romania Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania
Constanta, Romania Sighisoara, Romania
Corbeni, Romania Sii, Romania
Corbi, Romania Simeria, Romania
Cotu Vames, Romania Sinaia, Romania
Cracaul Negru, Romania Slanic-Moldova, Romania
Craiova, Romania Statesti, Romania
Crisana, Romania Sub Deal, Romania
Curtea de Arges, Romania Suceava, Romania
Daeni, Romania Sucevita, Romania
Daesti, Romania Targoviste, Romania
Desa, Romania Targu-Mures, Romania
Desesti, Romania Teius, Romania
Deta, Romania Timisoara, Romania
Deva, Romania Timisoara, Romania
Ditesti, Romania Tirgu Frumos, Romania
Dobrotu, Romania Tirgu Neamt, Romania
Eforie Nord, Romania Transu, Romania
Fagaras, Romania Tria, Romania
Federi, Romania Tulcea, Romania
Florica, Romania Turda, Romania
Focsani, Romania Uihei, Romania
Folea, Romania Unip, Romania
Folt, Romania Unirea, Romania
Frata, Romania Uroi, Romania
Fratia, Romania Vad, Romania
Fratici, Romania Vad, Romania
Frincesti, Romania Vad, Romania
Fundu Vaii, Romania Valea lui Mihai, Romania
Galati, Romania Vama Veche, Romania
Gefu, Romania Varatec, Romania
Geomal, Romania Vaslui, Romania
Gera, Romania Vatra Dornei, Romania
Gidinti, Romania Vingard, Romania
Giura, Romania Viscri, Romania
Giurgiu, Romania Viseu de Sus, Romania
Giuroiu, Romania Vlad Tepes, Romania
Grebenisu de Cimpie, Romania Voronet, Romania
Gura Humorului, Romania Zhar, Romania
Hangu, Romania

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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