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Major Cities and Destinations

(Königsberg Pr.), Russia Norkino, Russia
(Königsberg Pr.), Russia Norkino, Russia
(Ragnit), Russia Novgorodovo, Russia
(Tilsit), Russia Novocheboksarsk, Russia
Aba, Russia Novocherkassk, Russia
Abakan, Russia Novomoskovsk, Russia
Abaza, Russia Novorossiysk, Russia
Achinsk, Russia Novoshakhtinsk, Russia
Adanak, Russia Novosibirsk, Russia
Advoritsa, Russia Novosibirskiy, Russia
Ak-Dovurak, Russia Novotroitsk, Russia
Aksakovo, Russia Novyy Toryal, Russia
Aldan, Russia Nylga, Russia
Amen, Russia Nyunen'ga, Russia
Ami, Russia Obninsk, Russia
Amo, Russia Odintsovo, Russia
Amsar, Russia Oiyavois, Russia
Angarsk, Russia Okha, Russia
Anna, Russia Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia
Arlagul', Russia Omsk, Russia
Armak, Russia Omskiy, Russia
Armavir, Russia Opten', Russia
Artemovsk, Russia Orel, Russia
Arzamas, Russia Orenburg, Russia
Asha, Russia Orsk, Russia
Astrakhan', Russia Oska, Russia
Atkarsk, Russia Oskoba, Russia
Avda, Russia Otrez, Russia
Avsergovo, Russia Ozinki, Russia
Ayga, Russia Palatka, Russia
Babushkin, Russia Pavelets, Russia
Balakovo, Russia Pecherkino, Russia
Balashikha, Russia Penza, Russia
Balashikha, Russia Pereprava, Russia
Balay, Russia Perm', Russia
Balezino, Russia Peschanaya, Russia
Barabinsk, Russia Peterhof, Russia
Barguzin, Russia Petrograd, Russia
Barnaul, Russia Petropars, Russia
Baykal'sk, Russia Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
Belgorod, Russia Petrozavodsk, Russia
Berdyaush, Russia Poim, Russia
Bere, Russia Pokhvistnevo, Russia
Berezniki, Russia Pola, Russia
Berlik, Russia Polishchi, Russia
Berlin, Russia Polyaki, Russia
Bima, Russia Popova, Russia
Blagoveshchensk, Russia Poyma, Russia
Blak, Russia Priyutovo, Russia
Bolina, Russia Provideniya, Russia
Bol'shiye Koty, Russia Puir, Russia
Braziliya, Russia Punevo, Russia
Brish, Russia Pura, Russia
Bryansk, Russia Put', Russia
Buguruslan, Russia Putyatin, Russia
Bukhta Zagli, Russia Putyatino, Russia
Buor, Russia Puyal, Russia
Burmakino, Russia Pyatigorsk, Russia
Byutyay, Russia Rgeni, Russia
Chad, Russia Rostov, Russia
Chadan, Russia Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Chainka, Russia Rtishchevo, Russia
Cheboksary, Russia Rubtsovsk, Russia
Chelyabinsk, Russia Russa, Russia
Cherepovets, Russia Ryazan', Russia
Cherkessk, Russia Rybinsk, Russia
Chigir', Russia Saba, Russia
China, Russia Sada, Russia
Chinagort, Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
Chita, Russia Sakhyurta, Russia
Chizha, Russia Salavat, Russia
Chizhi, Russia Salbyk, Russia
Chizhi, Russia Samara, Russia
Chonnon, Russia Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Chub, Russia Saransk, Russia
Dada, Russia Saratov, Russia
Dergachi, Russia Sarma, Russia
Dimitrovgrad, Russia Sasovo, Russia
Dor, Russia Sav', Russia
Dorki, Russia Sbega, Russia
Dorki, Russia Sdeslovka, Russia
Dushkachan, Russia Seda, Russia
Dzerzhinsk, Russia Selenginsk, Russia
Dzhida, Russia Sera, Russia
Ebe, Russia Serebryanyye Prudy, Russia
Egyr, Russia Sergiyev Posad, Russia
Elista, Russia Serpukhov, Russia
Farto, Russia Severobaykal'sk, Russia
Fedino, Russia Severodvinsk, Russia
Fefelovo, Russia Shakhty, Russia
Fes'ki, Russia Shana, Russia
Frol, Russia Shana, Russia
Froly, Russia Shchelkovo, Russia
Gai, Russia Shena, Russia
Gam, Russia Sheregesh, Russia
Gar', Russia Shniti, Russia
Gar', Russia Shoi, Russia
Gelendzhik, Russia Shopino, Russia
Gertma, Russia Shui, Russia
Gertsen, Russia Shum, Russia
Gertsena, Russia Shushenskoye, Russia
Gertseno, Russia Sig, Russia
Glazov, Russia Sim, Russia
Goa, Russia Slyudyanka, Russia
Goritsy, Russia Smolensk, Russia
Gra, Russia Sochi, Russia
Gumbinnen, Russia Solikamsk, Russia
Gusinoozersk, Russia Sos, Russia
Gyrman, Russia Sportivnyy, Russia
Ilanskiy, Russia Sretenka, Russia
Ima, Russia Sselki, Russia
Indyuk, Russia Sterlitamak, Russia
Inga, Russia Suda, Russia
Inko, Russia Suda, Russia
Inza, Russia Sukhaya, Russia
Iosser, Russia Suleya, Russia
Iran, Russia Sureyskiye, Russia
Irkuskan, Russia Surgut, Russia
Irkutsk, Russia Surin, Russia
Irtek, Russia Suzdal', Russia
Ishim, Russia Syda, Russia
Itlar', Russia Sydagou, Russia
Ivanovo, Russia Syra, Russia
Ivolginsk, Russia Syzran', Russia
Izhevsk, Russia Taganrog, Russia
Kaliningrad, Russia Tambov, Russia
Kaluga, Russia Tashkay, Russia
Kamyshin, Russia Tashtagol, Russia
Kanada-Nikol'skaya, Russia Tayezhnyy, Russia
Kansk, Russia Tayga, Russia
Kansk, Russia Tayshet, Russia
Karachi, Russia Taza, Russia
Karachi, Russia Temp, Russia
Katon, Russia Tenya, Russia
Kazan', Russia Tiyapino, Russia
Kazan', Russia Tobol'sk, Russia
Kemerovo, Russia Tok, Russia
Khabarovsk, Russia Tomsk, Russia
Khimki, Russia Tomskoye, Russia
Kholmsk, Russia Trek, Russia
Khuzhir, Russia Troitsk, Russia
Kian, Russia Trud, Russia
Kinel', Russia Tula, Russia
Kineshma, Russia Tulun, Russia
Kirov, Russia Turkeyevskiy, Russia
Kirsanov, Russia Tver', Russia
Kiselevsk, Russia Tybyu, Russia
Kislovodsk, Russia Tyk, Russia
Kizhi, Russia Tynda, Russia
Klimovsk, Russia Tyrgan, Russia
Klin, Russia Tyrka, Russia
Kolomna, Russia Tyuba, Russia
Kolpino, Russia Tyube, Russia
Korsakov, Russia Tyuinskiy, Russia
Kostroma, Russia Tyumen', Russia
Kovrov, Russia Tyumen', Russia
Kovylkino, Russia Ufa, Russia
Krasnodar, Russia Uglich, Russia
Krasnoyarsk, Russia Ulan, Russia
Kropachevo, Russia Ulan, Russia
Kulara, Russia Ulan-Ude, Russia
Kultuk, Russia Ulzyta, Russia
Kun, Russia Uni, Russia
Kungur, Russia Untem, Russia
Kuragino, Russia Unty, Russia
Kurchatov, Russia Uren', Russia
Kurgan, Russia Usa, Russia
Kurma, Russia Usacheva, Russia
Kursk, Russia Usad, Russia
Kuytun, Russia Usad, Russia
Kuytun, Russia Ust'-Barguzin, Russia
Kuznetsk, Russia Usyk, Russia
Kyakhta, Russia Uyta, Russia
Kyra, Russia Uyu, Russia
Kyzyl, Russia Uzhur, Russia
Leningrad, Russia Uzunovo, Russia
Lin', Russia Valaam, Russia
Lipetsk, Russia Vasil'yevskoye, Russia
Listvyanka, Russia Velikiy Novgorod, Russia
Listvyanka, Russia Vichino, Russia
Listvyanka, Russia Virga, Russia
Log, Russia Vladikavkaz, Russia
Lom, Russia Vladimir, Russia
Lom, Russia Vladivostok, Russia
Los', Russia Volgodonsk, Russia
Los', Russia Volgograd, Russia
Luna, Russia Volkan, Russia
Magadan, Russia Vologda, Russia
Magnitogorsk, Russia Vorkuta, Russia
Mago, Russia Voronezh, Russia
Makhachkala, Russia Votkinsk, Russia
Malyy Khuzhir, Russia Vsadnik, Russia
Mariinsk, Russia Vsini, Russia
Markovka, Russia Vyazovaya, Russia
Mena, Russia Vyborg, Russia
Metrostroy, Russia Vydrino, Russia
Mga, Russia Vzglyady, Russia
Miass, Russia Yag, Russia
Michurinsk, Russia Yakimanka, Russia
Mikhaylov, Russia Yanchenki, Russia
Minsk, Russia Yanrangay, Russia
Minskiy, Russia Yaroslavl', Russia
Minusinsk, Russia Yaroslavl', Russia
Mnogopol'ye, Russia Yekaterina, Russia
Mokrous, Russia Yekaterinburg, Russia
Mongoli, Russia Yelantsy, Russia
MOSCOW, Russia Yemenets, Russia
Moscow, Russia Yemenets, Russia
Moska, Russia Yemen'gskiy, Russia
Moskva, Russia Yershov, Russia
Moskva, Russia Ylakh, Russia
Moskva, Russia Yug, Russia
Mshanka, Russia Yuil'skiy Gorodok, Russia
Murino, Russia Yuiskovo, Russia
Murmansk, Russia Yum, Russia
Murom, Russia Yuna, Russia
Mytishchi, Russia Yur, Russia
Nakhodka, Russia Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
Nar, Russia Zabaykal'sk, Russia
Naushki, Russia Zagustay, Russia
Nele, Russia Zagustay, Russia
Nevinnomyssk, Russia Zarinsk, Russia
Neya, Russia Zaural'skiy, Russia
Nirka, Russia Zharovsk, Russia
Nizhery, Russia Zhbany, Russia
Nizhneangarsk, Russia Zhdanova, Russia
Nizhnekamsk, Russia Zhel, Russia
Nizhneudinsk, Russia Zhene, Russia
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia Zheny, Russia
Noginsk, Russia Zhili, Russia
Norka, Russia Zhmurova, Russia
Norkan, Russia Zima, Russia
Norki, Russia Zlatoust, Russia
Norkina, Russia Zvezda, Russia
Norkino, Russia

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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