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Major Cities and Destinations

Arusha, Tanzania Maswa, Tanzania
Ausia, Tanzania Matamba, Tanzania
Babati, Tanzania Mbesi, Tanzania
Bagamoyo, Tanzania Mbeya, Tanzania
Bagamoyo, Tanzania Mikumi, Tanzania
Bagamoyo, Tanzania Mima, Tanzania
Banagi, Tanzania Miperani, Tanzania
Banda Kuu, Tanzania Mkinga, Tanzania
Bashanet, Tanzania Mkokotoni, Tanzania
Bweju, Tanzania Mkokotoni, Tanzania
Chakengi, Tanzania Morogoro, Tanzania
China, Tanzania Morogoro, Tanzania
Chole, Tanzania Moshi, Tanzania
Chona, Tanzania Mpafu, Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Mtwara, Tanzania
Dodoma, Tanzania Mugumu, Tanzania
Gera, Tanzania Musoma, Tanzania
Geuni, Tanzania Mwamgongo, Tanzania
Hedaru, Tanzania Mwanza, Tanzania
Ilambila, Tanzania Nainokanoka, Tanzania
Irangi, Tanzania Nairobi, Tanzania
Iringa, Tanzania Newala, Tanzania
Jambiani, Tanzania Ngara, Tanzania
Kahama, Tanzania Ngorongoro, Tanzania
Kahe, Tanzania Nyabogati, Tanzania
Kakonko, Tanzania Nzeka, Tanzania
Kapenta, Tanzania Ol Molog, Tanzania
Karatu, Tanzania Pangani, Tanzania
Katesh, Tanzania Pangani, Tanzania
Kendwa, Tanzania Pangani, Tanzania
Kendwa, Tanzania Pingwe, Tanzania
Kendwa, Tanzania Pola, Tanzania
Kendwa Mchangani, Tanzania Robanda, Tanzania
Kichaka Nyuki, Tanzania Ruaha, Tanzania
Kigoma, Tanzania Ruaha, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Ruipa, Tanzania
Kilindoni, Tanzania Shia, Tanzania
Kilwa, Tanzania Singida, Tanzania
Kioga, Tanzania Songwe, Tanzania
Kisaki, Tanzania Stone Town, Tanzania
Kisanga, Tanzania Sumbawanga, Tanzania
Kiuli, Tanzania Tabora, Tanzania
Kiwengwa, Tanzania Tanga, Tanzania
Komnazi, Tanzania Tanga, Tanzania
Korogwe, Tanzania Temeke, Tanzania
Kyela, Tanzania Toronto, Tanzania
Londo, Tanzania Tukuyu, Tanzania
Lushoto, Tanzania Tunduma, Tanzania
Lushoto, Tanzania Usa, Tanzania
Machame, Tanzania Usega, Tanzania
Maduka, Tanzania Wangingombe, Tanzania
Magoma, Tanzania Wasa, Tanzania
Magugu, Tanzania Weru, Tanzania
Manyara, Tanzania Wete, Tanzania
Marangu, Tanzania Zanzibar, Tanzania
Masek, Tanzania

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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