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Buick Gals hit Èspanol!!

Almeria, Spain

The blog!!
Jess: at first martin and me went to the airport, Ashleigh didn’t know that I would go.

Ash: I was so surprised to see Jessica!!

Jess: she looked so funny she looked like a she had seen a ghost. The next day we went to the beach.

Ash: luckily we didn’t go past the NUDE beach which there was a few not far from there.

Jess: the next day we went to the water park and I saw a little boy drowning in the pool while the waves were on very high.

Ash: Jess went running straight over to mum saying that if she wanted a little boy because one was drowning over in the swimming pool.

Jess: Ashleigh said on the kamikazae I love u mummy if I die it was so funny.

Ash: the other day when we went through the shops with mum Jess’s mum and dad in the car and we saw an old NUDE man then people walked pass us naked then we came across a beach which was full of nude people so we turned back!!!!!

Jess: I saw a nude man and I saw his chocho. It was the size of ash’s head it was gross and I saw lodes of naked people.

Ash: in a few weeks we are going to a fiesta in Antas and go carting soon.

permalink written by  dannyandash on August 13, 2007 from Almeria, Spain
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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