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danny and ash on tour

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Jan and Mollie hit Espanol

Almeria, Spain

Well Jan and Moll came to join us for a toasting of spanish sun. Grand ya think.......however they were sadly delivered a forecast not too dissimilar to Scarborough!!

Ya see the waves were a´rockin. Not to put us girlies off a fair few days were had at the beach. Mostly because Jan and I were adament that the sandblast would be much cheaper than the ´protect and perfect´cream being used by the buckets.

Mollie looking fabulously sophisticated!!!!!!!

And ash bash walking the board!!
Not to be out done by the weather we even headed on down to the water park.....in the rain!! With our big blue doughnuts..........

The fiesta in Mojacar was a highlight for us all........reliving the nightmare of the eurovision song contest yet again..........Mollie here is trying to get a word in

So good times had.......we miss the gals loads and it was a complete pleasure to have there wonderful company for sadly such a short time........xx

permalink written by  dannyandash on August 18, 2007 from Almeria, Spain
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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Buick Gals hit Èspanol!!

Almeria, Spain

The blog!!
Jess: at first martin and me went to the airport, Ashleigh didn’t know that I would go.

Ash: I was so surprised to see Jessica!!

Jess: she looked so funny she looked like a she had seen a ghost. The next day we went to the beach.

Ash: luckily we didn’t go past the NUDE beach which there was a few not far from there.

Jess: the next day we went to the water park and I saw a little boy drowning in the pool while the waves were on very high.

Ash: Jess went running straight over to mum saying that if she wanted a little boy because one was drowning over in the swimming pool.

Jess: Ashleigh said on the kamikazae I love u mummy if I die it was so funny.

Ash: the other day when we went through the shops with mum Jess’s mum and dad in the car and we saw an old NUDE man then people walked pass us naked then we came across a beach which was full of nude people so we turned back!!!!!

Jess: I saw a nude man and I saw his chocho. It was the size of ash’s head it was gross and I saw lodes of naked people.

Ash: in a few weeks we are going to a fiesta in Antas and go carting soon.

permalink written by  dannyandash on August 13, 2007 from Almeria, Spain
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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Meg and Ashleigh's Cologne/Amsterdam blog

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ash:- For the past few days our friends Megan and Simon have been staying with us in many fascinating hotels and Megan and myself will be telling you what we have been up to.
Meg:- Me and my dad arrived at the airport where we were greeted by Danny and Ash with beaming smiles and with stupid banners, obviously describing somebody else coming off the plane!! We jumped in the car with the steering wheel on the wrong side and headed to our hotel in Cologne. On arrival we checked in to our room, which was obviously second rate to Danny and Ashleighs

Ash:- Not stupid banners Megan. They said "Welcome Simon the Slaphead" and "Welcome Megan (daughter of slaphead)." We stayed at Hotel Collette where we stayed for two nights and THEY had the biggest room!!

Megs:-Our first day started with breakfast and a cup of tea to wake us up. We jumped on the tram and headed for a dead end. We then jumped on the right tram and headed for the city centre.

Ash:- We had a huge fruhstuck and in true mum style made our lunch from the left overs.

Megs:-Firstly we found a cafe and me and Ash chose the lovely strawberry milkshake, while waiting for the bus city tour to start. We jumped on the top deck of the bus for a better view and saw some interesting places, including the river Rhine which we crossed over quite a few times and the Dom cathedral where we got off the bus and went inside. We then headed to the zoo, where Danny seemed to get a lot of attention, as there was meant to be a new animal arriving on this day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash:- Cheeky Megan!! The babboons were busy!!!! weren't they Si. It was really quiet in the Dom Cathedral. I lit two candles. One for nana Carole and the other for my Papa.

Megs:-On the night we found a lovely restaurant where we had some lovely food, and Danny and dad worked their way down the kolsch beer list, which had an interesting effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash:- The next day we drove to Amsterdam.

Megs:- After driving around Amsterdam about 3times we eventually found somewhere to park!!!! A short walk from the car park we finally found our guesthouse for the night. It was also very popular with the local dog walking fraternity!!!!!!! WHAT A STINK!!! After dropping the bags we worked our way up the corkscrew stair case to the front door. FREEDOM!!

Megs:- Again using the trams we headed for the city centre to investigate the sights, shops and cafes. We found some very interesting places.

Ash:- Some nice and some not so nice!!!

Megs:-We headed for the sports cafe for something to eat after a short walk around town.

Megs:-Wednesday we had a cultural day visiting the Anne Frank museum and the 100 highlights boat tour of Amsterdam. We grabbed a snack and then headed to Melkweg where saw The Gossip live which was great, we also got signed posters and t-shirts.

Ash:- We were the only people who got signatures!!!! The Anne Frank museum was both good and sad! I bought the diary and a history book.

Megs:-Early Thursday morning we headed back to Germany, stopping off at Roermund shopping centre, where I spent the rest of my euros on clothes. Before heading to the airport we visited Danny's friends who live on an army base for coffee and cake. Danni and Ash dropped me and dad at Cologne airport where we said Auf wedersehen.

Ash:- The best bit for me was Simon and Megs arriving the worst bit was that Simon smelt like rotten eggs!!!!! R-U-F-T. Oh and very little bacon around.

See you all soon and hope you enjoy the photos.

Love Ashleigh and Megs

permalink written by  dannyandash on June 30, 2007 from Amsterdam, Netherlands
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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Ashleigh Buick Reporting

Mosel, Germany

What ash has been up too!!!!!!!!

Helloooooooo to kids (and also adults) out there and also to my class mates from dothill junior school just writing to say that I am having a fab time have been to many places such as………..
Of course Germany!!!!! (all of them are in Germany)
And Burg, which was on the Mosel valley
And that is pretty much about it.
Mum and myself have stayed in many places so far, so now we are staying in a Madeira house if you don’t know what kind of house I shall show you a picture.
I feel like I am turning into a fish because I have been swimming every day and been playing mini golf but they call it midget golf don’t really get why bit weird but can’t take the mickey it is a bit offensive anyway back to what I have been doing…. Last week stayed in a pension it is a hotel but the owners live in it and saw a pregnant cat there thought it was giving birth until I noticed it was coughing up a hairball.
Have had many German people speaking to me don’t really get what there saying but my tip is just keep on smiling and nod your head!!!
The other week me mum and mum’s friend and a little two year old called Archie went to the American shop called hersheys and I bought a discusting chocolate bar that smelt like sick and I bought a DVD called Norbit and my mother bought five pairs of jeans but she couldn’t resist and the staff are all American and one girl at the counter’s name is Ashley also as me but mine is spelt different.
The other day when I went to the Internet cafÈ I found out…(this is for the girls who love high school musical) what happens in high school musical 2 so all that I am going to tell you is that it has many secrets in it and there is a new character!!!!!!!!!
Have done two jigsaw’s one of them was a 400 piece and the one that we are doing now is a 1000 piece!!!!!! In a few weeks my mums friend will be visiting called Simon and his daughter called Megan and hopefully we shall be doing many exiting things with them.
In a few more weeks will be visiting a friend of ours called Sinda in Austria for a few days, then in a week I shall be off to France to se my dad and my family and friends!!!!!
Can’t also wait until I visit my friend call Jessie in Spain would be happy to see her also.
Hope to get reply and thank you again to my teacher Mrs malbty for those lovely gifts and send all my love to Ellie, Jess and Jess
Ashleigh Buick xxxxxxxxxx

permalink written by  dannyandash on June 23, 2007 from Mosel, Germany
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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Girls on car tour

Koblenz, Germany

Hi to ya'll again.

Well the last couple of weeks have been as previously stated about getting to know Germany in general and then cracking on and planning the next couple of weeks.

So here we are plans a go go.....We've hired a car and strangly they have stuck the steering wheel on the wrong side....my left hand hasn't a clue what to do with no gear stick. Plus they've decided just to confuse us to drive the opposite side of the road....very funny. Joking aside it's been fairly simple driving over here just a tad faster. Having already driven 520km in 2days we've had a bit a of a good bash at it. Ashleigh brilliant at map reading.

So plans set:- Today 14th we've travelled really early from moenchengladbach to Koblenz to have frushtuck in Burg along the mosel. What a wonderful life we have eh!! A quick nosey round cochem and then checked into our first ever Pension in ellenz (about 9km from cochem again along the mosel). There will be pickies attached of the pension. If you don't already know this is a kind of hostel/b&b for families. Ashleigh was pleasantly suprised. A grand homely feel, without our clutter, and a fabulous view. Only one night here then onto Stadkyll a bungalow booked in the Eifel area of western Germany for 7 nights.

Canna believe what we have planned it's all happening for us buick gals. We've got 7 nights in stadkyll. Hopefully hitting Luxemburg and Belgium along the way. A couple of days back at base with Alex then meeting Si in Cologne with a couple of days in Holland. To cap it all off before ashleigh returns to England to then believe it or not have a brill 3weeks with her dad and family in France, we've planned four days in Vienna visiting sinda (a foreign student that came to stay with us last year).

Logging off for now then folks. Keep ya messages clean!!!!!!! Si and Al.....speak soon and keep us informed with what ya'll up to.

Love the Buick Gals

permalink written by  dannyandash on June 14, 2007 from Koblenz, Germany
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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A re-cap of our first week!!!

Monchengladbach, Germany

Hi to ya'll.

A very brief catch up..........

The last few days have generally been about familiarising ourselves with the forces version of centre parcs. The camp we are living on has main gates but no fences around the residential area-so they will just about let us two in and out!!!!!!!! Indoor and outdoor swimming pools with just a few hunky yank guards incase I drown. A cinema, bowling alley, PX shopping and the list goes on but the best part are the absolutely beautiful surroundings. Ashleigh and I have been out numerous times, me running, ash on bike (donated by some poor sole who left it lying around for too long), into the surrounding countryside. The camp is slap bang in the middle of farmland, with little else to spot. Local live wildlife spotted so far (I say live as ash also has a mental tally of the not so fortunate deceased or road kill kind!!) include deer, eagles and hares (they are absolutely massive-bigger than kenza). I still can't believe that I haven't got to go to work! I'm sure it will sink in eventually.

No similar happenings to the buzzing case.......thank the lord......So this update is going to be not quite as interesting as the last.

I suppose I could summise the last few days to be about food!!!! and I think that is what the next few months are going to be about as it is all delicious!! Good job am running.

We've already hopped over to Holland but the next few weeks will host our real adventures. We are hoping to spend a few days in Holland including Amsterdam next week, then onto camping with a group of us the week after (somewhere in the mose (again double check spelling)). Off to Austria then to see a friend of ours bypassing Munich (of course) then back to meet Si in Cologne. Fingers crossed we should get a bit of time to hit Berlin as I'd love to take Ashleigh there and one of my top hits is to have a stella in Belgium!! Not too many plans then.........All this is based from our friends home in moenchengladbach..how lucky are we to have such wonderful friends.

Well all keep in touch. Attached are a couple of our pickies whilst out and about. Alex and her family with ash on the first, Ash being hung in the PX shopping mall!! and finally Ash and I studying post frushtuck!!....not a bad life eh!!

Speak soon to you all

Love us...The Buick Gals xxx

permalink written by  dannyandash on June 11, 2007 from Monchengladbach, Germany
from the travel blog: danny and ash on tour
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