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An the admin continues

San Francisco, United States

I am so tired.

The supermarket had nothing I recognised. I was completely at the mercy of Americans.
Take washing powder for instance. They don't have it. They have a funny washing liquid, and each liquid is for a different thing. You'd think they'd put on the label what each was for but apparently it's so comman that they don't.
Milk - more varities than I have ever seen. I just wanted normal milk, but nothing is 'normal', you must have a zillion different choices.
The folders all have three holes in them instead of two, so none of my document can be safely stored away. I bought an 'accordian folder' instead.

I have eaten scollaps and Crab today, and they wre both very, VERY good. I am sunburned and tired, but have been onboard an American submarine and strolled Fisherman's Warf (sp?), with the Golden gate bridge in the background.

Why is American money all the same size and colour?

So tired. Sleep now.


permalink written by  Crosswood on August 18, 2007 from San Francisco, United States
from the travel blog: New Zealand Student, American University.
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Hi Margie

I just read your entire blog. I haven't laughed so much all day! I hope you're having an awesome time, you're so lucky to be overseas. I'm planning on an exchange to Spain, so I guess I'll have to blog that. When I eventually get there.

Have fun!

permalink written by  Katie on August 19, 2007

the moneys like that to confuse people who don't grow up with it. uch like Wellingtons wind or the phrase "she'll be right"

permalink written by  Rebecca Haris on August 21, 2007

Even the Americans don't like American money being the same colour, but it takes so long to change soemthing in a country this big.

permalink written by  Crosswood on August 31, 2007

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