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Guess Who Is Movin Back to Nairobi!

Nairobi, Kenya

Yes after just over a month of living Pollution and Mosquito Free!!! We are moving to Nairobi.

Ky Ky's job with Tropic Air just did not work out. So yesterday (sunday) we went to our last meeting in Nanyuki Kusini. :(

The friends were sad to see us leave, as were we to say goodbye. You dont know how attached you've become to people till you have to leave them. The C/O and his wife thanked us for supporting the the congo and also gave us encouragement.

Of course, i took some group pictures. The friends love taking photos!! Oh, and it was nice singing the new songs at the hall. The cd player didnt wk so we had to sing with no music.. Check out the picure of the actual CD player, its a walkman!!!!!

As we were leaving the hall i told kyran that i had no regrets in leaving, as in, i felt good because from the moment we had arrived to the cong, we were in service almost everyday, I had plenty of RV's, and studies. I knew everyone in the cong, spent lot's of time with the friends in and outside of service. I knew where alot of the friends lived and worked because we had visited them after long days in the ministry.

I think i would have felt a lil guilty had i not been so involved. But now we definately have a place to go back in visit!!

Im not really sad to leave that city, just the friends.. I was prepared to stay there a year. But anything longer would have been a bit much. Of course unless Jah wanted us to stay thats different. I think im just disappointed that i wont get my sheep after all :(

Its ok, in paradise we will have our Beautiful House again fresh air no mosquitos and our pet sheep!! :) One thing i did take back from Nanyuki was food Poisoning!!!! Yeah i ate a bad burger..Been having stomach cramps for 5 days!!! Anyways..was bound to happen.

On our drive back to Nairobi the sights were amazing!! So pretty. We were listening to the I-pod and jamming to Toto! We were sticking our heads out of the window singing "I'V CAST THE RAINS DOWN IN AAAAFFFRRIICCAA!!!" LOL
Ok we didnt stick heads out of the window but definatly jamming to that song!

Im glad to be back In a Large city again :) I get to see my old friends from Woodly cong which is gonna be nice! They have 17 pioneers and service attendance is good! It reminds me so much of GP WEST!!!! I will take pictures soon. Our first meeting back will be tomorrow.

Ok gotta go get my grubb on!!!

love ya all


permalink written by  africandre on January 4, 2010 from Nairobi, Kenya
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africandre africandre
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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