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Onions & Hot Dogs

Nairobi, Kenya

Yesterday was an interesting day. I went in service with one of the sisters. Had some good studies. I wish i could have taken some pictures of some of the places we went in. Like almost in the slums of Kibera, which is the worlds largest slum. You dont wanna take a camera in there.

There was one picture i would have liked to take of us witnessing to 3 girls who were chilling outside on the grass under the clothes line. We joined them and placed two books. I got to use the "Picture Presentation" which proved to be very effective. :)

The sister I was working with had dropped her car off to get worked on so we had to take a matatu (small bus) to some of the Rv's. On our way back, the poor sister was robbed in the bus. A thief was sitting next to her, and when she looked down she saw his hand coming out of her purse. We told the driver but when he pulled over the man had gotten off before we had time to report it to the police. It wasnt until later that she realized the man stole one of her phones :(

Anyway that was a downer..Later on we went to pick up her car, but it wasnt ready. We called her big brother to pick us up. Mean time we went to a gas station and had a hot dog. Well i had a few, dont know why, its not healthy at all!!! Me and Ky have been craving them alot recently. We even bought 2 packs the other day to make at home! (gross i know)

I started telling her about Quick Trip in TX and how it was and probably still is THE stop. We meet at the hall for service @7 and shortly after everyone is there for coffe!!

Then i was telling her that when we were living in Nanyuki me and Kyran would go to this one gas staion, (one out of three staions in the small town) and would have like 3 hot dogs each!!! (no worries, we are still skinny people) The girls who worked there knew us by name, we would witness to them alot and chat. Small town huh??!!

Finally the sisters Brother showed up and he looked at me and said "I have seen you before". And i told him we just moved in from Nanyuki. And he told me that he was there a few weeks ago and he was driving and saw me walking and thought to himself "That must be a sister",because of the way i was dressed. :)

So later he asked one his friends who he was visiting, if there was if there was a Mzungu (light skinned person) ;) attending the hall. And they told him that a pilot and his wife had just moved in. "They had good things to say about you two" he told me. He said the sisters told him " That gal Andrea! She eats the food and drinks the water!" In other words i fit right in!!! :) That was nice to hear from a person i just met, who already knew all about us :)

Later on that day we went to a restaurant called "The Rusted Nail". Yummy place! They actually had Sweet Iced Tea!!! ICE!!! Hard to come by here. I told them how I missed my 54oz sweet tea from QT and Chicken Express!!!!

Well that was my day, had meeting later which is always refreshing.

Today was kinda boring, except for service of course :) The past few days i have been quite bored. Kyran was like " You never complained about being bored when we were living in Nanyuki, where there is NOTHING to do and NO WHERE to go , but we get to the city and now you are bored :) ?!?""... Hmm... Good point :)

Other than that all is good. Kyran says HHIIII to everyone!!! He figured out how to unlock I-Phones!!! All thanks to YOUTUBE!

Dont know why, but i was researching the Nutritional value of Onions today. LOL I know. But its interesting to me!! Been doing that lately with fruits and veggies :) Im still a health nut.... who eats hot dogs :)?

We may be going to the coast in Mombasa in a week or two! Its such a beautiful place!!!!

I will write to you soon!!! Take care!

Love Drea!

permalink written by  africandre on January 27, 2010 from Nairobi, Kenya
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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