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Byron Bay to Fraser Island

Fraser Island, Australia

We had to drag ourselves away from Byron Bay, as we really liked it there, but our next stop was Australia zoo, which was a 4 hour drive, so we were up and away bright and early (amazing I know!!). We weren't sure what to expect of the zoo, although lots of people had recommended it, but were really impressed with it! It was very interactive, and you could get up close and personal to the kangeroos and koalas which was brilliant.
I think our favourite bit was feeding the elephants - such a stange sensation, it felt like someone was hoovering your hand - with a bristly hoover!!

Had to take a picture of Tim jumping next to Steve Irwin (bless him) and have to include on here as due to my questionable photographic skills, it took me about 40 shots and 10 minutes to get this shot - must read the camera instructions!

We then stayed in Noosa for a night, which was a nice place - quite boutiquey with a nice river and lots of gorgeous houses.

The next day we headed to Rainbow Beach, so named because there are alledgedly 70 different colours of sand on the beach. What a gorgeous place - we walked along the beach and there was no-one there. It was quite bizzare as the cliffs next to the beach are made of sand, and the trees that are growing there literally fall off the cliff as the sand blows away. The next morning we got up at 5.30 AM to go and feed the dolphins at Tin Can bay , which was about half an hour away. The dolphins have been fed for years, and arrive at about 7.30 in the morning for a fish breakfast, and were very pleased to see us. I was humming the theme tune to flipper all day! We then hit the road again to Hervey Bay, where we were staying with Bill and Bev, friends of Tims Mum and Dads. After booking a trip to Fraser Island for the next day, Bill and Bev made us feel very welcome with a Roast Dinner! The roast pork has been cooked on the BBQ - amazing!!

We were then up early again the next day (anyone see a trend here - we are supposed to be on holiday!) and headed off to Fraser Island. We caught the barge across and were then greeted by a 4 wheel drive 52 seater coach! This was to be our carriage for the day. We then did a bit of an island tour, went on a walk through the rainforest and then stopped at Lake Mckenzie for a swim

. This is a freshwater lake in the middle of the island, with silicon sand thus almost white, the contrast with the blue water was amazing. Our guide Murray, had spent quite a long time telling us about the dingo's, so I was on watch for them - apparantly they can be attracted by flavoured lip balm, as it smells like food!

After the lake we then had lunch, which was very nice, and then headed up 75 mile beach, in the coach! It seemed slightly wrong that there were 75 miles of beautiful beach and you could not go in the sea (due to currents, jellyfish, sharks etc) and also the beach is used as a highway for buses, 4 x 4's and also as a landing strip for planes. There was a shipwreck on the beach which was pretty impressive, although we had to stay 3 metres away.To finish off the day, we saw a couple of dingo's on the way home!


Thanks to Bill & Bev for putting us up, a proper bed was a luxury!! We had to be up early yet again the following day because of the long drive ahead of us.

permalink written by  Tim and Em on February 27, 2010 from Fraser Island, Australia
from the travel blog: Round half the world!
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