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Where Do I Start?

Nairobi West, Kenya

Hello everyone!!

Long time since I last wrote. IM telling you now I regret it because I don't know where I left off ;(

Well first of all good news, Ky Ky got the job! So that's great news! All thanks goes to Jah for that;) I can't wait to take advantage of the flights!! Ill be coming home soon to visit I hope!!

So we have been enjoying the service alot. Kp n I are having good results in the ministry . Oh and I gave my first part on the school last week ;) everyone said it went well, I was actually a lil nervous??

I have made such good friends here. And they help keep me busy.

A sister in our hall will be getting married soon, guess who they put in charge of games and food!!?? That will be fun. Or nice time like they say here;)

On Saturday there was two sisters from the states visiting and I was working with one of them in service, I told her she got jipped because when she visited bethel the sister who gave her the tour was from Cali ;) and I am from Texas, so she didn't get to work with the Africans ;) But I did get to use my Swahili more. Which by the way IM picking up the language fast. And I know just about the same amount of kikuyu too.

I was telling some of you that I learned how to say a funny version of Michael Jacksons "Dont Stop Till you Get Enough" it goes like this " Cha, Chaza kwa stepu, usimuka nyage mwenzio" lol you have to say it fast like the song and it's pronouced the way it is written ;) it literally means "watch out when you dance , don't step on your companion" lol or something like that ;)

The other night we had some friends around for dinner. If course I made Mexican food. They now sell Old El Paso food so we have salsa tacos tortilla enchiladas and even re fried beans!! I feel at home now ;)

Well last night we went out for "Soul Night" dancing. That was fun. Kp says he wants to go salsa dancing again which makes me happy!!!

As for me working IM still doing good. Been keeping busy doing hair! Changing lives!! Lol just messing;)

There was a sister visiting from Russia for a few weeks. We spent alot of time together. She was staying with her unbeliving relatives which I got to meet. IM hoping to start a study with the daughter soon ;)

Switching subjects, every Tuesday night they show last seasons Show " so you think you can dance" I love it!!!! A bit behind but it's ok, it's ok ;)

I have been going for walks just about everyday. It's so nice! And I usually end up at a friends house ;) today I walked to Toy Market. (traders village) and took one of my dresses with me that is too big. I was just going to see if someone like a vendor would by it off me, didn't expect anyone would but just wanted to give it a try! Well I found a man who sells dresses and instead of buying it he traded it with a newer one;) so I got a new dress !! Free too ;)

Kyran has been keeping himself busy with wood work. He re did a table for his mom. It's coming out really nice! My lil builder!! And he has been helping out alot at the construction site ;)

well I have more stories but it's getting late so I will close for now. I will write again SOON this time ;)

Till then yal take care!

Love Drea

permalink written by  africandre on March 22, 2010 from Nairobi West, Kenya
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africandre africandre
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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